There is just so much you can learn from reading. I understood that although reading has its advantages it may also be detrimental to your trading.

If you've found something that works only stick to it and try make yourself constant. You know the basics of the markets. Reading this and that merely puts more confusion on your head when you are preparing to pull the trigger,

such as: you exchange encourage resistance and you find a pinbar and need to input. All of a sudden all these other things come to your head. Where is pub that is interior? Is it a corrective wave abc or urge? Is there divergence on macd? Whats the quantity like? What are other people saying about the pair? And in the long run you either dont place the trade or put it opposite to everything you were planning to do in the beginning due to all of these other factors on your head.

I have understood that reading is great but adhere to a couple different things rather than complete diverse ways to exchange. The other stuff may be tools in your toolbox but in the long run you realize you just need use one-two tools only to generate income.

At the end I understood simple PA in s/r is the way to go and I've thrown out everything the windiow. All it does is down you.