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    My view is that resistance becoming support or encourage becoming resistance centered in the price action of the inside bar in this price action situation.
    Focus in only one time frame.If you are trading within bar from weekly charts only loe the high and low of the weekly insidebar.those degree are resistance and encourage. And resistance will become encourage or support will become resistance.

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    Exit long and go short .
    A move beneath the inner pub's high from over will indie a reversal.

    Exit brief and go long.
    A move bove the inside pub's low from below will indie a reversal.

    This the way that I will focus to exchange my inside bars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote inside bar focus in the current time frame.The game is to focus in BO and also to to learn when the BO begin to neglect and escape and reverse. image
    trade #2 back long

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    What are your views about trading inside bars? Anyway to avoid signal that is false? image
    Trading inside bars is a great way to exchange but you need a 4 hour or/and daily time period or you may go bust. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    @ch-22,all the'experts' say trade within bars on the daily,too many false signals on lower time frames...
    If you are blindly following IBs without understanding the markets, sure, but that is the same with anything.

    IBs display consolidation, generally as shown here when an area of support/resistance is hit. For me personally an IB is merely a way to help newbies with money management.

    That is not even talking about another 50 items that people who stare at charts all day for years do without thinking.

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    Hi @alicia19

    Did you can work out how it is possible to minimize false signals? I am quite interested in Inside Bar patterns too. But I am not being able to determine how to minimize false signals. I take the transaction when the inside bar is broken out of either side. 1 week I had a lot of winning transactions across major pairs. And the following week I had a lot of losing transactions, while following the same egy because of false signals. If I will find a way to have more winners than losers, then that could be great too. I am trading on 4H period.

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