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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Problem is it takes years of wisdom and experience to learn where to put stops.
    Unfortunately there's no short cut to experience. Knowledge is a different issue. Some could never receive it.

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    Hello alicia19, I extensively tested interior bars over several markets and several time frames....
    Great post IMO, this is the whole notion behind Peter Crowns' DIBS method (hereand Peter's posts beginning here from the'No free lunch...' thread). Low risk entrance with possibly high RR trades, as explained further by pro trader Joel Rensink here. The low and high of the IB provide some sort of implied S/R, when viewed on a briefer TF, providing default rates for both breakout entrance and SL.

    I followed DIBS for a while and, attempting to translate Peter's posts farther, FWIW provided some tips for enhancing the potential profitability of IB based entries here and here. And finally the'aha moment' here (although I want to think that I've refined these ideas somewhat in the last 6 years!)

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    What are your perspectives on trading within bars? Anyway to avoid signal?
    I hope the above links offer you a few ideas to work with.

    The goal of DIBS is not to avoid false signs but to allow you reduced risk entries, some of which will capture long tendencies and become substantial RR positions. However, of course there are a lot of other ways of trading IBs. They're a part of Nial Fuller's, such as (only read the free info on that webpage, I am not recommending that you buy his eduion). And you'll be able to find lots of ideas by Googling something such as the way to trade within bar pattern forex e.g.

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    Buy if the price trade above the inner bar's low from below.
    Short sellers believe the price will decline when price is under the inner bar's low.short sellers dash to cover positions,when the feel that it was a false-breaks sending the price higher when buying back to cover.

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    [quote=;10641290] quoteI expect the above links give you some ideas to use.
    The hyperlinks brings a lot of excellent advice.
    Sell short if the price trade below the inside pub's high from above

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    Always look to the left, are you buying at Resistance and Selling in Support?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Always look to the left, are you buying at Resistance and Selling at Service?
    Sell short if the price trade below the inside pub's high from over. This really is to attempt and indentify the false buy BO.

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    Look left price resistance 29th August 8th September. Market will always remember these levels. Not saying it can't break through.
    Drop down a timeframe and you'll see more. New High with reduced momentum, a fictitious fracture to pull buyers at resistance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Appearance left price resistance 29th August 8th September. Market will remember these amounts. Not saying it can not break through. Drop down a time and more will be seen by you. New High with lower momentum, a false break to attract buyers at resistance.
    Inside bar focus in the current time frame.The game is to focus in BO and also to learn when the BO start to fail and get outside and reverse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    What are your views about trading inside bars? Anyway to avoid signal? image
    You asked a question on your first post, if you do not want advice then good luck to you. Gamble away.

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