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Thread: How to Become Emotionless

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    I really don't think it's possible to ever be totally emotionless about a transaction, I do believe that it is easier to control your feelings for those who know how your system works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I do not think that it's as much about something you may control - it's quite something folks take into account when they make their trading plan.
    That is why individuals fail, emotions do not pay the bills but there's a component of it demanded (in my point of view) to operate properly as the market is made and operated by people, so knowing the emotions others may have led to mass plogy and that's something you really need to know about.

    Once you understand your own stop loss order is partly accountable for the price actually going there,
    all this phrases like stoploss hunting, rigged matches, broker adulterous and whatnot are something of the past and the real money comes in after seeing beyond all that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I do not think it's possible to ever be completely emotionless about a transaction, I do believe it is a lot easier to control your emotions if you know how your system performs.
    That's really an excellent point. Know your egy very well, know when it works when it doesn't, that will significantly decrease your anxiety.

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    Greed and fear were certainly driving my emotions, together with an addiction to gaming. I hit rock bottom and quit for a year, but I said it was forever and that I meant it. Did something different, did not even think about trading for a complete calendar year. I have been clearing out old data and saw slides of old transactions and instantly saw my mistakes, but with a clear head. Looked again later, same thing. Thought that maybe I could see if I was messed up and so of course the most inexpensive trading is forex. It seems completely different. Not totally emotionless, but I will tell now when I am and I am not now. I was anxious for a decade, why not today? I don't even know, but I am not. I was gripped by something, today I am just floating along.

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    Assessing emotion is important in forex trading. I typically make a plan before enter into a trade. Then make entrance with tp and sl and shut down my computer or perform other jobs in pc. I always let the trade either strike tp or sl.

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    You have to allow your trade as soon as you are inside. This is why you plan it.
    We all recall days once we look at trade every moment or two. You're up 2 pips then down 7 pips another moment again up 3 pips and so on until it strike SL or TP. This is not a means to do it and you may have some severe eye issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    You have to let your transaction once you're in it. That is why it is planned by you. We all recall days when we look at trade every moment or 2. You're up two pips then down pips a second moment again upwards 3 pips etc until it hit SL or TP. This isn't a means to do it and you may have some severe eye issues.
    I sure remember those days, they weren't that long ago because of me personally. I break out in hives just considering it.

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    Emotionlessness is something that comes to one on forex with expertise, in addition to after long trainings and working on oneself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Emotionlessness is something which comes to one on forex with experience, in addition to following long trainings and working on oneself.
    That's my impression as well. The more one transactions, the more edued and numb their mind becomes. Experience is the best teacher when it comes to trading, in more ways than one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I was going to suggest this to become emotionless, have a few off, but I just traded for the first time in a year to check new account and that I wasn't emotionless, but that I was able to recognize every emotion and understand why I was having it, accept it, remember I've been thru it, then continue having the ability to become relaxed and believe thru the reasoning why I was in the trade and also examine the correlations that keep me occupied and scalp a little gain. However, if it was a little reduction that was ok also. So there is not any simple answer to this, but in the end it has...
    Thanks for your hints. To me being realistic is the best way to become emotion free. Most men and women come here to get quick rich. They want to make 100%, 200% profit per month. I always say to compare FX trading together with other business enterprise. With 1000$ funds just how much return you would expect in any other business. 1st of 1000less or less no other company is possible. Why all of the expectations in regards to FX trading. ?

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