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Thread: How to Become Emotionless

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    Anger management classes, work miracles...!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    LOL. My beloved wife of 24 years will clam up and be quiet for hours and sometimes even days if we had a dissagreement at the first few years of our marraige.

    Do what's Right and the rest will follow.

    : ) Thom
    Enjoyed your article. Very good advice. I have almost always been a major fan of life expertise especialy somebody elses.
    One thing that I came to realize several decades ago is thatI would not have any enamies if it wasn't for ME. Really, other individuals simply do good things for me I am the cause of all unwanted things. If someone cuts me off in traffic, it is up to ME if I get mad. In case my spouse happens to make a snippy remark, it is up to ME if we have a fight. If the market should happen to move in another direction than I think it needs to, it is up to ME to make the very best of that circumstance. In most cases however the main thing is YOU have the oppurtunity to learn from the encounter, YOU will develop and that turns everything into some positve for YOU.
    Just thought that this might help someone.

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    There is not any requirement to become emotionless. In the beginning, you have to control your emotion. It's a great difference.

    When you know that the market you emotion can help you to not sleep.

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    Are we talking being without emotional in general or simply in trading. I believe life in general without feelings would be quite futile. However if we are speaking about the place of feelings in our trading decisions the they have no place there whatsoever. Analysing charts and indiors involves mathematical formulas and patterns which will not be swayed no matter what we believe or believe. We have to get into the head of this market since the market will not conform to us. Making mechanical trades is imperative. The only way would be to continually examine the market rules and follow them no matter what. Included in these are the rules of support and resistance, trend lines and candle formations to name a few.

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    I would suggest it is wholly impossible to become emotionless. We're human beings, maybe not androids. What we must understand is to control feelings and be able to make objective decisions in spite of them. All the techniques mentioned in this thread will not remove emotions rather they will allow you to control them. Massive difference.

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    Develop your trading method then code it at a Expert Advisor.
    EA is emotionless.

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    A trader can use mechanical trading. There'll be feelings, if he detect his account to eventually become empty.

    In addition, you will find traders viewing the market. In 2-3 years experience a part of them becomes a person just like artistes.

    They can control emotions properly. Mechanical trades will not be imperative in any way, while you can use the different way.

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    I'm in my second year now trading reside... and doing quite well... I'm still here and making pips...

    Like many have said, focus less on the cash... for me it happened when I started controlling my position size of my trades and after my plan. Concentrate on the execution of your transactions...

    Happy Trading...

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    Is it possible that somebody gets emotionless? I really don't know it. If by emotionless you mean to get relaxed and focused on what you are doing (e.g. trading) then it is possible to take those steps or alternative methods to fulfill your objective. But there isn't any way which you're able to eliminate emotions. To me being relaxed is not equivalent to emotionless. It only means that you have your emotions in check.

    Automatic trading is a fantastic method to get rid of feelings in the time of commerce but it does not mean that the trader gets emotionless. It gives you the opportunity to stay away from your trading channel and allow the machine do what you were supposed to perform and for certain the machine does not have any emotions. That is why trading can bring peace of mind to you. But if your system does not work nicely and you continue losing money then feelings approach you then you will be desparate as a loser guide trader.

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    I was going to suggest that to become emotionless, have a few off, however I simply traded for the first time in a year to check new account and I wasn't emotionless, but I was able to recognize each emotion and understand why I had been having it, accept it, remember I have been thru it, then continue having the ability to become relaxed and think through the rationale why I had been in the trade and look at the correlations that keep me busy and scalp a small gain. However, if it turned out to be a small reduction that was ok also. So there isn't any easy answer to all this, but in the end it all has to be sorted out.

    I scalped a long in USD/JPY in 113.28 and exited too early in 113.37, then it went to 113.47 but my patience wasn't so great by then, nearly stopped while it paused at the lows at 113.25 for a half hour.

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