How to Become Emotionless
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Thread: How to Become Emotionless

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    Becoming emotionless can be quite a helpful tactic to take care of issues which may be better handled with less heart and more mind. The following is a list of measures to take in order to take out the heart from the situation, and start using your head.

    Steps Meditate. This is only one of the better tools to become emotionless. There many are unique kinds of meditation, such as Vipassana and Huna, that you can research to find out which one is right for you. Even the most elementary form: closing your eyes and breathing deep, is sometimes sufficient to loose your own emotions. Dissociate yourself. Uou can achieve this by seeing yourself as an observer of this situation rather than an active participant. Think logically, not emotionally. If you can not dissociate yourself from the situation, then take a more logical approach (i.e. facts/figures) compared to an approach of anger, hatred, anxiety, etc.. Think of the reasons behind the activities and consider things from all sides before making any type of judgment. Think of something else. When coping with a situation that requires the absence of emotion, consider something rudimentary that conveys your thoughts. A few examples of things to test are: Long division, listing the full names of your whole family, listing all 50 states, naming as many mammals as you can, etc.. The real key to doing this correctly is to occupy your mind with boringness whilst remaining mindful of the problem and taking it all in. Realize that you may be incorrect. Emotions can cloud our judgment, and there's always a risk that you are simply wrong. If you understand that, let it move. The situation will be just mucked up by pride.

    lt;! -- 49859586 -Tips Breathe. Deep breaths are going to save you from reacting. Look them in the eye. Should you require a moment, take a time-out. This will allow you to center yourself and give you a pause to think about things from a situation other than your own. Keep an open mind.

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    For the past 2 years I've been involved with using a technology developed by a company called Centerpointe designed to place the mind into a meditative state by means of audio waves via stereo headphones. Further information can be found at It's somewhat pricey, but I figured it was a instrument for self developement and went for this. And I am sure glad I did! Not only can the tech place the mind into a meditative state, I also use it to take myself into REM sleep cycle to get a 90m rest after the London Session close at about 9am Pacific. This practice has enabled me to comfortably cut my requirement for actual sleep time. I often go to bed at about Midnite to 1am and wake between 4:30 and 5am prepared for the day without using an alarm, then hit on the charts for the NY open. I strongly suggest taking a peek at the Holosync technology. They'll also send you a free demo CD that will explain more and give you a flavor of the product.

    : ) Thom

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    I downloaded which CD a few years back (the demo). . .it was relaxing, but needed to try a few different sets of cans for it to work best.

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    Wow, this is a great topic. I truly believe in the forces of meditation and think that it can help with traders. Did anybody see that article in the Aug/Sept topic of Trader magazine concerning this? Good stuff... I'd like to hear about anybody else's use of meditation using trading if anybody is willing to share. Quicksilver, thread!

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    Automate your ergy, EA's have no feelings.

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    What happen if there's absolutely no electricity??

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    my two cents...

    The best way to become emotionless? Stop caring. Realize it isn't about you. The entire world could not care less about you as an individual.

    As soon as you quit caring if you lose or win, but instead worry about if you are following all of your system's rules and your money management accurately and strive for optimizing that instead, then you are going to wind up making money at some stage while barely even realizing you are.
    As it's no more then about making money or losing money, but about getting adept at what you are doing. Earning the money will just be the byproduct.
    Shing focus will change things a lot.

    Only a thought. (The parallels to coping with women aren't coincidental in this respect ).

    Best regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I downloaded that CD a couple of years back (the demo). . .it was relaxing, but needed to try a couple of different sets of headphones in order for it to work best.
    Do you believe that they needed a particular freq. Range or noise canceling etc.. ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    .. .Just a thought. (The parallels to coping with girls are not coincidental in this regard)...
    LOL. My beloved wife of 24 years will clam up and be silent for hours and sometimes even days if we had a dissagreement at the first few years of our marraige. I would often feel it has to be me... Then we had a girl (21 decades back now), she had the exact same basic personality as myself, and could trigger this response in her mom also. Hummm. Cogs were turning... Then we had our son. His personality is almost idetical to his mum's. Hahaha. Now my spouse know's what it was like being around her at the first years as he will stay silent when mad for hours or days!

    Bottom line for me is that it takes two to tango, and in our case of feelings? The market can and will do everything in its power to tick the trader off, best thing to do is what was stated before, just chill out and not give a hoot concerning winning or loosing the fight, go at it with the appropriate rules of participation, never wavering from those rules.

    ...a warrior friend of mine once told me the ringing of the Right Thing, is a Good Thing.

    Do what is Right and the rest will follow.

    : ) Thom

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