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Thread: Trading without a stop loss!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I never used stop loss, maybe is bcs I allways bankrupt my accounts
    If a person does not use Stop Loss properly they might end up draining their accounts anyhow, just over a longer time period.

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    I don't understand how to trade without stop loss but I have seen that there are many traders that are really trading without SL and earning cash also. Nonetheless, it is risky so will not suggest everyone to trade without SL.

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    Once I was a beginner trader then I did not use stop loss trading tool! As a result, I lost my 1st trading capital in a week! Frankly, I had no egy without making huge money making! Whatever, now I know the fact of Forex and I always use stop reduction tool in my live trading, although I am more serious about SL than my TP place!

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    Every asset desires a different sl since a few have more volatility than many others

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I never used stop loss, possibly is bcs I allways bankrupt my accounts
    I always bankrupt my account possibly because I never used stop loss. That is how it should be said by you.

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    It is ok not to use SL if you don't use leverage

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    Always use stops, but I find that in the event you use a trailing stop, you might exit the trade. The key is your risk to reward, so I utilize a risk to reward lever to judge my stops and goals. I typically place the stop at the the previous low/high and place my goal to at least 3x that number giving me at least a 3-to-1 reward to risk. Combine this with good entry efficiency and you'll be a profitable trader over time.
    This is a good illuion of how I put my goals:

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    Yes, I use the two of them (stop loss and trailing stop)! Stop loss is my 1st option, and once I get enough number of pips in a single trade afterward I use trailing stop trading instrument! Actually, I don't want to close my running trades too early, here I also use TP1, TP3, TP4 more! But sometimes I need to close my trades manually because of aggressive market momentum!

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    When high movements, trading with no stop loss you can lose his entire balance in especially. So, trade in a secure environment by using stop loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Trading without a stop loss you can lose his entire balance in particularly when high movements. So, trade always in a secure environment by using stop loss.
    I lost many times my balance because of lacking of stop loss especially when I was a newbie. Actually I think a lot of new traders don't like to use SL and if fall a fantastic trouble afterward understood the significance of stop loss egy which is really encouraging to reduce risk of loss.

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