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Thread: Trading without a stop loss!

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    It actually depends on the trade program, what should my trade egy gives me a buy sign only after the market has moved a particular space, and my trde program is right more than 90 percent of the time, but my trade egy demands a lot of breathing space to get a stop loss.
    Can you system? Or you simply say what should I have...
    I want to observe that system. I think if you've got that kind of system it can be improved so ypu will not possess 50 SL and 20TP.
    Let's say that the move is 70 pips. I hardly belive the sign will came after 70 percent of this move.

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    1. I trade with stop loss.
    2. After I lost plenty of money because have not set them. During enormous movements, for example while JPY intervention, one can drop everything just in couple of moments
    3. I don't use trailing stop. If price goes over 30 pips (dependantly on currency pair) in entry, I set BE

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    You don`t would like to trade without putting stop loss. At times it really hurts when price hits your SL and begins going in your favor but once you leave your place without you gonna find a trade earlier or later which begins to proceed against you and wipes out your account out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yeah...! I do like the stop-loss egy, it's the best way to manage the risks of losing and also the best method to restrain our trading in any circumstances.
    how about all those stop hedge orders? [stop order - reverse to opened order ]

    Could it replace SL?

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    Sure, brokers that allow hedging love it once you start a market order on a currency pair you are currently in a buy position ( or vise versa).
    In this superb wisdom you are only done the specific same thing as shutting out your initial position - except you have also paid your broker another commission/spread for having a defunct position that's sucking on a swap rate from your balance daily.

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    I Believe one of the most important things to Understand is to Not move the stop-loss - If You've Got a egy and have placed the stop-loss for a reason dont Hesitate to move it Only because you think the market will Return in your Favor

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    We should control our emotions so that the trading was run with the maximum, with a good positioning in its market and analyze the market well then we should seek out a wider insight into Foreign Exchange trading

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    In this volatile trading spot devoid of stop loss you trading state could be as like a boat in a sea with no rudder. So it is an inevitable part of trading. We have to set stop loss based on previous support and resistance level. However, any sort of egy has rules in point out stop loss amount. Some traders choose to use manual reduction loss. And doesn't use stop loss instrument. Since they are execute scalping technique and constantly monitoring the transaction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    within this explosive trading place devoid of stop loss you trading condition could be like a boat in an ocean with no rudder. So its inevitable part of trading. We have to set stop loss based on previous support and resistance level. However, any sort of egy has distinct principles in point out stop loss level. Some traders decide to utilize manual reduction loss. And doesn't use stop loss instrument. Since they are implement scalping technique and always monitoring the trade.
    Personally, I think having a stop loss is similar to trying to sail together with the anchor down. Largely I've stopped reading this thread as it sounds dominated by short-term thinking. If you own scalp, use a stop loss or see the position. Should you trade longer term then would you would like to shut your position following a favourable motion or unfavourable? Stop loss is not the only risk management instrument and also IMO not the best one.

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    I used stop loss, maybe is bcs I allways bankrupt my accounts

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