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    Hey guys, I am seeking an EA that does the next. I've tried searching results so far. None so far does exactly what I want it to perform. Does anyone know of one or could code one? 1. Take profit at X pips. 2. Proceed to (breakeven X pips) after X pips in profit. ) 2. Set a pending order from the contrary direction of initial trade at -X pips. 3. Automatically delete pending order if initial trade in breakeven, or automatically disable the above features once the pending order (hedge) is triggered. Any help appreciated. Thanks!
    You may have had no response because what you are asking for makes no sense.

    1. Take profit at X pips.
    2. Proceed to (breakeven X pips) after X pips in profit. )

    --------You have taken profit at X pips. How can you proceed SL to BE X pips when it's already shut?
    --------Anyhow in the Event That You try to maneuver the SL to BE plus X pips aftyer X pips in profit, You'll Be trying to maneuver the SL to the current market price

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    Gumrai, X is the variable, independent of 1. and 2.

    As an example, if I put X = 5 pips for my own TP, then the EA will exit the transaction at 5 pips in profit. If I put X = 3 pips to the BE feature, then the EA will proceed to BE when 3 pips in profit.

    There should be a settings record inside the EA to allow me to specify X (such as TP) and X (such as BE).

    Sorry if I was misleading in my first article. I did not imply X are the factor for all those numbered points.

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    I have made. I have already had some curious programmers PM me, but I am looking to see if there are other programmers here interested in taking on this project. It will be a paid occupation, so PM if interested. Thanks

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