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Thread: More than 100 pips

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    On the lookout for transactions with at least 100 pips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Are you looking for market analysis of anything else?
    Market analysis for trades using 100 pips.
    The idea procedure for the above said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    looking for transactions with more than 100 pips.
    Last Friday, I started a buy trade (@1.17297) on EURUSD and today I shut that commerce with 107 pips profit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Last Friday, I started a buy trade (@1.17297) on EURUSD and today I closed that trade with 107 pips profit.
    Nice to know you got your TP! But I am curious to know more details relating to this market analysis. If at all possible, please include here market analysis if that buy trade. Thanks Beforehand.

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    On the lookout for threads with trades of 300, 400 or 500 pips and this one becomes the first to pop up. Funny that I can not find threads that handle harvesting such mother lode of pips, whatever the trading method. Perhaps I need to dig a little deeper or start a new thread and start posting the trades myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    searching for trades with more than 100 pips.
    Are you expecting someone to give trade signs to you personally or you want to learn how to come across such trades? Or simply informing us what you have been doing?

    Why go for 100 pips trades when you can have 10 trades of 10 pips each with less risk of market turning against you?

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    If you would like to trade with 100 pips profit, you want to analyze H4-D1 charts.
    What egy?
    Price action on zones of support and resistance for example.

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    In order to me personally, this post can make new Forex trader arrogant.
    They ought to prevent the mindset to more pips in very short time.

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    What's possible in Forex market if you have most powerful analyzing trading knowledge with great money management. And besides this must need a reliable support from a reputed credible trading platform. Otherwise it may be useless to possess powerful trading substances.

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    If you're searching for market analysis for these trades I recommend searching for long-term analyses, as such movements usually take quite some time to grow unless they're provoked by news.

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