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Thread: Can be automated trading be profitable?

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    It appears that no one wants to pick up that gauntlet..but here is 1 thing you can use the EA for, micro accounts. And you can use it to try out the EA. Do remember, if a product doesn't offer you a refund, it's not worth wasting your time with it and will, in most probability, turn out to be a scam.
    A real solution, will be listed in any of the online shopping portals using a 30 day or a 60-day refund. Before running off to purchase the EA Read the small print. .

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    If cybernetics become trading champs and most of people adopt themthen for the first time P.A will become totally flat. . .since equals will cancel out each because the market is moved by individual emotin-greed and dread and the market game will be over.

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    I think that the fields of Data Mining and Machine ligence (both of which contribute tremendously to medical research -- genetics, etc) are often overlooked.

    Given time, I believe that the level of automation will increase. It would seem to me people/programmers have never heard of Data Mining, Machine ligence and other related areas let alone actually studied them. .

    My aim thus far would be to get some thing semi-automated, where I receive alerts and trade performance in the end is my choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello Iris-cream,

    in case you have some small idea with trading I propose you to use their semi option.
    Look at the graph, determine if you go long or short and mirror a commerce of a starategy with good ratio between avg. Take profit and avr. Stop Loss.
    It's been working for me for the past few month.

    If you want me to explain more let me know...

    good fortune!
    Thank you Benkrah,
    I like to abide by automated trading for the time being, but I am reading and studying stuff about Forex, so shortly I'm going to try out the semi thing:--RRB-

    Do you also use the automatic alternative? For now I am choosing the egies with the highest T-Score. I've 3 egies working at every given time and it seems to work nicely. (I made more than 500 pips in a week)
    Any other parameters you advoe considering?

    Thank you again for you help and have a fantastic week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    if cybernetics become trading champs and most people adopt themthen for the first-time P.A will come to be totally flat. . .since equals will cancel out each because the market is transferred by individual emotin-greed and dread and the market game will be finished.
    Yup! You would have thought that traders would find out this one but so far, they're determined to look down the holy grail. EA, at best, can be used to check egies but that is about it. And even this, you'll need to be a coder to decode the EA in order to take it apart.

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    Yes. Unfortunately, nobody is going to hand it to you on a plate, so you'll need to appear hard for any exploitable behaviour as a way to program and test it.

    Just Google'Sergey Aleynikov' or'Renaissance Technologies' and you'll see there are people that are consistently profitable with automated trading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi, I am new toforexintuitiveand would love to begin rookie discussion.

    Not to lots of people onforexintuitiveuse an automated trading platform (EA). Are they not profitable or it is almost impossible to loe working one?

    I do not trust automated trading at all. I would sit before a pc 12 hours than hope an auto bot. Semi auto is the thing to do!

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    I think if the EA is programming correctly, it could be profitable. Difficult to acquire a profitable EA online.

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    I dont think with EA I”ve spent thousand of dollar but nothing works, I think better do it manually

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    Sure it's possible, there are individuals who have persistent profitable robots trading for them - . 1 example is high frequency trading, which is profitable if done correctly.

    However from my experience, it's much much harder to make a robot that works than learning how to trade and profit on your own. To create a successful robot you probably need experience in analyzing complex systems (utilizing statistics, signal processing, etc. ). .) , after which you also will need to understand how to fine-tune the robot. You then also must be certain it's profitable before investing with it, which means you may have to put it to trade some months on demo before even going live (and if it fails, then you have to ster it and go through the exact same again).

    Our brain is significantly more successful than a pc, so even if you are aware of how to trade it's very difficult to put it on a robot. Our brain may create a qualitative analysis very easily, while that may be very hard to program.

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