Can be automated trading be profitable?
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Thread: Can be automated trading be profitable?

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    Hi, I'm new toforexintuitiveand would love to begin rookie discussion.

    Not to lots of people onforexintuitiveutilize an automated trading platform (EA). Are they not profitable or it's almost impossible to find working one?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Do not take anyone's word for it, simply download some EAs available openly here and put them on demonion. Check out Steven Hopwood's or 's.
    Would you recommend me something?


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    Ea's really test your system. If your system is crap, then your ea is going to be crap.

    The majority of the commercial ea's are crap. I say this after looking at many ahead tests/live trading which various ppl do and testing them myself.

    There are totally free ea's that blow commercial ea's away.

    As geosanuy stated, start demo's and take nobody's word for it.

    If you want a excellent ea, I would recommend learning to create your own.

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    Surely it is dependent upon the trading egy. I am in the process of automating my egy to test it works - my signals are very clear and do not actually need any kind of analysis per say, so hopefully that the EA will be quite simple to implement and also to run, and hopefully be profitable. . Time will only tell.

    As for the huge majority of EA's being marketed, most are an absolute hunk of crap. That isn't to say that EA's can't be profitable, but the idea of these marketeer's EA's would be to make them money, and to not make the men and women who buy them money. Many people do not know how to claim a refund of only can't be bothered, so those men DO make money and quite a bit...

    Test yourself and see how it comes along.

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    This is still work, even in case you have some autopilot or cruise controller configurations. YOU constantly pull on the trigger although I advise that you use technology to your benefit. Should you miss your shot, wait patiently. Another opportunity will come around

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    Can be automated trading be profitable?

    I believe no, why? Since EA have no plogy It never care about your account fairness, if your equity is at risk It will always trade whenever there's a sign, and this will lead to overtrading EA cant read the market plogy degree
    If it is accurate, there's a profitable EA, nobody gonna share it for free, or sell it to get hundreds of bucks.

    Best Regards,
    Jin Shan

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    If an EA work (possibly free or commercial ), more and more people will use it, then that is the time the EA will neglect.

    Fap Turbo used to work, Megadroid used to work, currently million dollar pips. It's not about the egy, it is all about the traders effect.

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    When it comes to EA's there's no simple answer out there except for a single Nothing will work flawlessly all the time.
    Simply putyour EA may work great for..about 5 mnths or one year, tops. If you do not learn to trade in your prior to the EA fails you, you may have to start again from scratch.
    On a side note, when EA's neglect [which they do, after some time ], they fail . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    If an EA work (either commercial or free), more and more people will use that, then that is time that the EA will fail.
    That is non feel,

    Let's say you have a profitable trading system after which you discuss it to 1000 individuals, then this 1000 individuals will trade with your own system, then ? Can you state your system is not work?

    Market functions in a certain manner. As soon as you understand how it works, you may make money, anyone knows this will make money. However many people knows this, it remains profitable.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Fap Turbo used to work, Megadroid used to work, currently million dollar pips. It is not about the egy, it is about the traders impact.
    EA just good for short term, to get a long duration, it will worse, and at last blow your account.
    why? Because EA have no plogy and dont understand how to control account correctly.

    Greatest Speeches,
    Jin Shan

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    I'm a bit superstitious about that, but there's quite straightforward reasoning why ea's or methods fail once everyone starts using them.

    Should you scale the markets down to something you can get your mind around you can know.

    Picture Foreign Exchange only had restricted players. Bill, Jane, Sue, Steve Steves friends.

    Sue looks at the markets and sees that Bill and Jane equally exchange their cash at precisely the exact same time every afternoon and there's always a reversal for a result. (this is merely a pattern illuion )

    So Sue happily trades that this reversal daily and makes lots of cash. One day while down the pub, irreparable brags about her system to Steve.

    Steve goes back also has a look and sees that the pattern.
    Steve also begins trading that this reversal exactly like Sue. However, Steve trades better lot dimensions that the Sue.

    Sue begins to notice a dip in her trading profits as Steve is trading at precisely the exact same direction at precisely the exact same moment. Sue cant maybe make the identical money she did earlier.

    Then Steve tells his friends about the pattern, and they start trading at precisely the exact same time in precisely the exact same direction.

    Pretty soon the pattern begins to disappear. Bill Jane are still exchanging their cash at precisely the exact same time, but there are too many traders anticipating this too happen. Now the moment their cash is exchanged it is gobbled up so fast that their appears to be no pattern at all.

    I would be wrong about the reasoning. Truth is I dont know. However, it happens all the time. A person buys a system for years, then shares it and bang it stops working.
    You can test Megadroid(or whatever) on a egy tester and see that it would have worked for the past 10 decades and it did work for a year or two, until it had been sold to the masses.

    I know ppl are going to say that Foreign Exchange is enormous and cant be affected by traders. But dont you think huge traders would also make the most of any pattern they could find?

    On a brighter note. The fact that patterns have been manipulated actually forms new patterns which may also be manipulated.

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