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Thread: Can you actually live off Forex trading?

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    If I felt it would be obtained without a personal unzipping, I would give we what you are performing for nothing.

    We think there's a value in what we are doing and are in discussions with a variety of rather astonishingly big groups in the moment to see whether it's something which may be'packaged'. However, this is not nor has ever been our principal objective, though we are going to look at it. Its important to realise that we have made some pretty massive modifiions to some current studies and in our particular case they do operate. You made the point before that the less apt succeed though with our system (which utilizes Guppy to a great extent) it does require an ability to read quickly and slow groups.

    I do realise that I can declare the be a cousin of Elvis, but this isn't exactly what we have done. The question was around FX and if its profitable. It's for us. The question is if we will share HOW we do so with the entire world which remains to be determined.

    A part of me wants to drop ches of my trading equilibrium, my workspace but then I'm just a different peanut in a pi$$ing contest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote The trouble with this forum and any public forum is that anyone can say anything. Dealing with the people and hoping a sensible answer is rather foolish; therefore the most logical explanation is that there's a commercial angle behind this openness to discuss because I triumphed.
    Believe me, there always is a commercial angle as soon as you pointed out, the willingness to talk about is kinda suspect. .

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    If a individual is profitable what is the purpose of him sharing his own approaches? If he is sharing his approaches it means he wants every person to test his egy in all the manners so he knows it works.But nevertheless he won't explain everything how it was clarified in his method in an open forum such as this.

    Is anyone making money trading Currency Market?

    Well there are lots of traders earning real money trading it however they are tough to find in forums such as these.No fool will come and discuss how he trades in an open forum where tens of thousands of traders gather.I'm not sayingforexintuitivedoes not have some fantastic traders.But they are hiding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    When someone is profitable what's the point of him sharing his approaches?
    Precisely the exact same cynicism that drives the feeling in here coverts into protection/pride if you enjoy a functioning system. It has been my personal experience that for every single point of praise it brings 1,000 abuse. People seem to forget this is a COMMERCIAL action. We don't sit and swap sewing patterns, the outcome is about cash. As we are talking as individuals not companies there is this radical thought that traders will puke their skill-advantage. Just because.

    As such, I believe it is laughable that there's a default anticipation that one has 20 years of ability provided by email because one asks. Can you believe CEO's of business will share their business business bank account and also explain in detail what they do to be successful? While we are individuals we are also little companies and feel precisely the exact same way about our'product/service'.

    But egy the CEO, invite him for a conversation and he'll most likely want to aid you. Attack him on a public forum and indie he's in a fantasy world because he will not cut and paste his business egy, he's going to get into his Aston Martin and forget about you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quoteSince we are talking as people not companies there's this radical thought that traders can puke their skill-advantage. Just because. As such, I find it laughable that there is a default anticipation that one gets 20 years of ability provided by email because one asks. Do you think CEO's of companies will share their company business bank account and also explain in detail what they do to be successful? While we are people we are also little companies and feel EXACTLY the exact same way about our'product/service'. But, egy the CEO,...
    Well Said Hedge! The thread asks a question if anyone can make a living trading Forex? Whenever someone replies that they can but don't feel the need to share their approaches or show proof of their track records they're attacked! Why can it be MY responsibility to discuss what I am doing or show proof? This is MY company and my profession. Why would I simply blast it out on some Forum?

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    It's possible but if it's actualyl vital to do it full time isn't sure. Perhaps it's ideal to keep the entire time job as well at same time in case disastor strikes as a safety net. Also it has to be very dull. sgp.

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    For residing on FX trades that which you'll need is consistency,

    Even if you made lots on a single trade along with your account has improved, but your trades are generally a reduction you can not give up your day job for FX.

    The simple math you need for deciding to live on FX is this:

    compute how much you need per year to live, say you need 24000$
    divide that by 12, so you are aware that you need your FX should make at least 2000$ each month.

    Assume you want to risk max 1% per trade, and your trades will need to be at least 3:1 so you earn at least 3 percent of your funds for every successful trade.
    If your success rate is around 50% (that is optimistic), then you continue to be profitable, by (in average) 1.5% per trade.

    The final piece of advice in this problem is the way many trades you want to produce each month. Let's say you want to produce a mean of 30 trades each month.

    If my math is right, your initial trading account would need to be of at least 5000$ and following 30 trades you'd have, in average, earned your 2000 Eur and some excess margin.

    The matter is that you need to be super constant, because while FX profits aren't guaranteed, the invoices at the end of the month are. And you need to have that cash ready to pay them.

    So in my view it's about consistency.

    Fortunately there are lots of techniques to enhance your consistency: establish routines, keeping a journal, have a commerce plan, after the trade egy are some.

    Good fortune,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Having never had poetry as a reply, I find myself somewhat confused. Is it a romantic gesture? I have eliminated the unneeded from a screen grab from a number of our pairs on Friday. The snap is from shortly before 07:00 to 18:00 and lets assume one understands nothing about FX , trading or technical analysis. If I simply told you to'Buy' if you see a green arrow and'Sell' if you see a red one. We are a little more intelligent than this and can confirm we extracted the following results from this chart this friday. Again, the bolts and nuts of all...
    I have to say, as somebody working with MMA charts for a while, your chart is just amazing. . .you are also plotting the possible LH (Down tendency ) / HL (Up tendency ) entries for all the'sub trends', and that's the way I see it also. . .don't take the negativity here too badly, there are two subgroups of trolls on FF: system vendors, and system-seller makes it hard to have any real public talks without trolls breaking into disrupt. . .anyway, stunning charts...I see things like candlesticks and immediately eliminate interest, like I have enough experience with MMA to know it is really hard to top for imagining market volatility circumstance...I have always wondered whether it could be combined with market profile in some meaningful manner, but have not gotten around to trying that. . .keep posting, youre providing better-than-average content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote . . .keep posting, youre providing content.
    A compliment on FF!!?!? I HAVE PEAKED!!!

    Ha ha, thanks Rick. We're enjoying the system we utilize. I'm always pleased to share what we are doing, and will try to post a few more grabs.

    For those who believe I've hijacked, I apologise, you absolutely can live off trading. Not just FX! We all do and live comfortable lives. We generally take 2-3 trades daily, and each trade generates a very consistent 40 pips. I'm proud to say our technique was mentioned by name on CNBC Asia last week, so it does seem we arent just a bunch of madmen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    For living on forex transactions what you desire is consistency, Even if you made lots on a single trade and your account has increased, but your transactions are generally a reduction you can't give up your day job for forex. The easy math you need for choosing to live on forex is this: calculate how much you want annually to live, say you want 24000$ divide that by 12, so you know that you need your forex should produce at least 2000$ monthly. Assume you want to risk max 1% per transaction, and your transactions will need to be 3:1 so you get at least 3 percent of...
    Well said mate. Totally agree with you

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