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Thread: Can you actually live off Forex trading?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello, The risk with sarcasm is that unless it is well-timed, it is readily interpreted as simply being obnoxious. Infer. Second, the question was: Can you make a living out of trading FX and are there some real people out there really doing this. The question was not Share your trading egy. The response was, yes, I know of three or more people who do create a comfortable living from FX. I spoke from the 3rd person, just because one risks precisely this sort of vitriole and you haven't disappointed. That is...
    Forex mill is a public forum
    everyone can say anything
    The proof is in the pudding

    (Darn! Can I simply produce another haiku?)

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    How fun. It is a show down.

    Well there spouse, my kung fu is better than your kung fu (:

    My last trade (I did nothing on friday, due to this fact I have a real job that pays real invoices, if you get my drift...)

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    Back you knave...
    Okay, included please find my screen grab for the EURUSD pair, including the 25th, 26th and 27th of November.

    We would not exchange this pair as it has a 10 day Average Daily Range of only 65 points. This means if I wish to extract any real result, I'm going to get to hold onto it for a day or more. However not to be outdone I've drawn in commerce lines anyway, showing the two transactions we might have taken to get a 28 and 67 result. There was an extremely pretty entry for 48 however, it fired at 23:54 and even sentient beings like ourselves (that is tongue in cheek for people who missed a previous comment by ) need to maneuver.

    My current spread on EURUSD is 0.5 so I can largely ignore it as its a inexpensive pair.

    Again, green is up and red is down.

    maybe you can pick a currency pair and a day randomly and we could compare more?
    The only point I expect to make, is with the correct egy, fantastic software and a degree of intelligence we DO make consistent cash on Forex. Which was the query.

    If every other member want to have a look at other pairs on different days, please don't be shy, I will be delighted to post.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Back you knave. . .The single point I hope to make, is using the correct egy, good software and a degree of intelligence we DO make constant cash on Forex.
    The knave was caught hiding in the nave of the church... likely to break free from a margin call...

    1) that there is not any correct egy
    two ) great appliions. . You mean a trading platform? Ouch. . Do not you know a profitable one does not exist?
    3) a degree of intelligence... not true, instead of achievement in the actual world, the dumber the better in trading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote The knave was captured hiding in the nave of the church... probably to escape from a margin call... 1) there is no right egy 2) great appliions. . A trading platform is meant by you? Ouch. . Don't you know a profitable one does not exist? 3) a level of intellect... not true, as opposed to success in real life, the dumber the better in gambling.
    I suggest the usefulness of the conversation has finished.

    If responding with your hands clamped over your ears and shouting it does not work it does not function makes you happy then I have no response.

    I simply don't agree but thank you for your thoughts. I see no purpose in attempting to construct a serious response.


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    The brief answer is mostly'no' to your questions but I will try.
    I promise not to ask you for anything in the end either.

    To attempt to reduce what 4 minds does live daily is difficult. I used the word'interpret' in one of my posts before and was advised that trading works best for idiots, and I have to say I don't agree. The charts tell a story, and what we decide to do with all the information it's giving is assisted by several highly complex studies.

    We now have several scripts running on our own charts but to attempt to write each and every rule into a'bot' is a huge task. We take top daily range pairs. We know where to choose an entry using sound rules. Attempting to inform a code that the very first entry on the move was below the overnight 50% level and it currently has an 82 percent chance of reaching 60 percent, and if it does this has a 74% probability of reaching the 75% ADR level. Then attempt to'teach' it that at high activity levels you will see profit takers, however it is ok to hold for 100% of ADR if another 3 factors are met.

    Sure. We could, but I'd far rather have one of my trading partners say'that is about the 75 ADR I will close and wait for the retracement. We then take 3 transactions of 30 pips each instead of holding for one exchange of 60. These bits of advice can be determined in a couple of seconds, why if I write a script that becomes so complied that makes my brain ache.

    Then, suspend trading on either side of red-folder news, but you should be prepared to have a position almost immediately afterwards, but only if there is congruence across all of 4 time frames. Using range bars.

    Im being a little verbose but the point is it is not just a mechanical click when x crosses y. You find an entry in the close of the London session once it is done 125% of its range, are you going to shoot it? Well no, that would be stupid, yet a signal that is perfectly good would be seen by the bot.

    Its not only a egy it is a egy. We frequently don't agree, we frequently don't execute at the identical moment, but we do speak constantly and between us it generates pips. Bear in mind, we are traders initially, husbands at precisely the same time, have families and interests. We don't proclaim to become masterful marketers or professionals, we did not sit down once we began and set this up to instruct others how to duplie us. I do believe that which we do could be edued, and we utilize well published studies on our charts (although I am NOT an MT4 enthusiast, we all think its crap ) but why in the world would I stop trading profitably each day to endure at no cost within an auditorium to confront the type of cynicism I find in here every time I post?

    The question was'can you reside Currency Market trading' (or words to this effect)

    4 people do.

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    [quote=HedgePiglet;7202469 I really do believe that which we do can be edued, and we use well published studies on our charts (though I am NOT an MT4 enthusiast, we all think its rubbish) but why on earth could I cease trading profitably every day to stand at no cost in an auditorium to face the kind of cynicism I see in here every time I post? The issue was'can you reside forex trading' (or words to this effect) 4 people do.

    [/quote]Funny Hedge and everything I find is that they usually need me to place my Trade Explorer or Myfxbooks or some rubbish like this. And the ones that do place that it's not good enough. They would like to see brokerage statements. Yes you're right and you can have some amusement with this but in the long run nobody believes that anyone is profitable.

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    Quite great. I guess I believe you. And also to my own question the answer is that is not a simple MA here and there. You found and complied way that is so complied it can not be code readily (if ever) plus you utilize common sense manual/human only egies

    And on top of that there are 4 of you. I tried to constantly look for a spouse, with no luck whatsoever... every body seems to want to make their own greedy pips...4 eyes see more than two, especially if it comes to FX,... When I combined YTR I believed it was a great thought (still think it is) in which a forum plus a master trader would guide us all to pip paradise. But didn't get the job done.

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    LOL Lazarus is still doing the rounds. .
    On the question, good intentions are merely that and while I do agree that a mentorship of some kind for newbies goes a long way to supply standard trading exp for those newbies, everyone's accountable for the covetous pips. So the top traders will probably be busy working on the market. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Quoting HedgePiglet The short answer to your question is yes. I am in a team of 3 and most of us generate a comfortable income from trading Currency Market. We have different appetites for risk and benefit but you can find those in our team that fly their aquariums and drive limited variant performance cars. These assets are compensated for. This isn't an impossible. I hope this encourages you. HP quote Herein lies the issue with these forums. Countless threads have been started like...
    The issue with this forum and any public forum is that anyone can say whatever.
    Handling the people and expecting a sensible answer is rather foolish; therefore the most plausible explanation is that there's a commercial angle behind this openness to discuss since I triumphed.

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