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Thread: Any non-repaint indiors that work well trading forex

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I doubt it is good comparison, using automobiles to indiors. Due to vehicles that you travel much faster and more comfortable. Indiors really don't improve my trading, even it turned into better when I ceased using indiors and learned how to trade without them. As I said before there are only two exceptions - EMAs and Pivots. But if somebody uses indiors with achievement, why not? Overall, most important part of trading is profit, not procedure.
    Amen to the

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I recommend to journalize all transactions (screenshots and description) and analyze it once a week.

    hello insomniawawa.... Thanks.... That is a good recomendation...h

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    If utilizing indiors work,then there are no loser on this forum. 95% of those traders r loser and that the fact I was a loser in my 3 yrs with indiors and shorts tf. Under capitals, r/r and logy r 3 of the most important items

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    if using indiors work,then there aren't any loser on this forum. 95 percent of those traders r loser and that the fact I was a loser in my 3 yrs with indiors and shorts tf. Under capitals, r/r and logy r 3 of the most crucial things
    The problem isn't the indiors himself... but the way we interpret them.

    They are plenty of successfull traders using naked charts... that there are also a good deal of successfull traders using indiors.

    Just trade the way you are familiar with...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    really many do not repaint there is 100's on FXTSD that do not recalculate on open pubs , repaint no but as some have said previously, use price action as much as you can (or fundamental price action is great enough) with complete understanding of your favourite markets, due to its what we do with such indis in a egy that makes the distinction, not one particular indior my next favourite document
    Thank you very mach Carlsberg, however why your favorits indiors aren't functioning? HOLY GRAIL does not operate, ABSOLUTE HOLY GRAIL does not work, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote The problem is not the indiors themself... but the way we interpret them. They are loads of successfull traders utilizing naked charts... that there are also plenty of successfull traders utilizing indiors. Just trade the way you are familiar with...
    Absolutely concur.
    Folks, saying that:
    1- someone prefers using indiors and a person prefer blank chart. . It' ok.
    Two - someone believes indiors are for newbie (I disagree, btw) and someone believes are helpful for everyone if properly read and properly chosen... this is ok.

    Well, I might point all of you to the subject of the thread: Any non-repaint indiors which work nicely trading FX
    Okay,I understand the name itself,could be appreciated by someone cause it implies some cause-effect conditions that are not so automatic IMHO. But hey it's member's iwishtowin thread so, don't we should stick together with it's name, rather than prolonging this boundless thing indi / no indi in trading?

    Oh well, I don't post often here,so maybe I'm violent. . And maybe the author of the thread also enjoy this type of debate here (if it'd mine, then I would not enjoy it too much if prolonged ad infinitum..cause it's OT). .but only my half cent concerning the matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote //------ hello zz....... me to.... At least I'm in good company....... Years ago I used to tell folks, 1 day I'm going to have a tractor with a bushhog welded to, along with yet another tractor using a disk attached to it and yet another using a Twist welded for it, and yet another, and another, and.... Course, nobody believed me back then.... They do now.... I truly admire people with a single tractor that do not mind switchin back and forth a dozen implements.... And I truly admire traders that can double their accounts using...
    Keep up the fantastic job ...I visit many tractors in your future! You're among the very few around here who has the most deadly combination for a Forex trader - a good comprehension of the Forex markets and the technical experience to take advantage of the market data. It actually is an excellent mixture of skills to own and, as you have shown, can result in great success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote //------ .... You may be correct.... Just didn't want to appear presumptuous...h //------ //----- just in case more ... //----- just in case ....
    Hey ,

    Your indior appears very intriguing and I need to give it a try, however I have a couple questions:

    1. On your YouTube video titled: 2014 07 05 22 52 11 makayla, it shows your 5 yr old daughter Peyton had 198 successive wins. (WOW!) . What timeframe did Peyton utilize to get those 198 successive wins? AND what was the period amount (in the input ) she used at the TSR indior to get those 198 wins?

    2. Did Peyton achieve those wins by waiting for the 4 TSR indiors to line up (as you showed in your Peyton two video)? Or did she utilize just one TSR lineup and only entered a buy when it turned green (and exited when it turned red) and entered a sell when it turned red (and exited when it turned green)?

    3. I discovered that at one of those movies of it revealing that you utilized a period of 20 for the Daily chart, so I am assuming that's your TSR period setting for the Daily chart. But what are the period amount settings you use for the 1 hr, 4 hr, and Weekly timeframes? Or in your opinion what period setting do you recommend for all those timeframes?

    I am rather interested in this indior - especially after seeing the results of your 5 yr old girl! I would love immensely your replies to my above questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey, Your indior appears very interesting and I want to give it a go, however I have a few questions:.

    hey topgun.... My answers may be in random order....

    The indior is not mine but the australian'allan hull',popularly called the hma.... The russians'fxigor' and'wizard serg' accommodated it a while, commonly know as the tsr.... I changed it a bit for the women to better get an idea....

    198 successive wins is really not all that hard.... Their highest would be close to 1000.... That will be clarified below.... The periods they use vary depending on the monthly and weekly trends.... If the greater timeframes are down they use lower periods, 40 and lower, on the daily and 240 charts.... Peyton utilized a single ma but the conditions preferred a single ma last summer.... She didn't take every sign.... The signs were filtered with respect to the daily zigzag position....

    She never bought except to close a sell.... All trades were shorts....

    There are too many variables involved to select a single ma period.... Not only do the greater timeframe trends set the lower timeframe periods but also overbought/oversold regions and zigzag values have a say....


    the 198 successive wins.... If you get in at the start of a weekly or better still monthly fashion change, sometimes you can ride it for months.... That is exactly what they did.... It is almost impossible to lose should you keep your lot sizes low.... Peytons trades were likely all less than 5 cents a pip....

    I left so many videos together with them it is hard to recall.... If I can find the one with them about the indior mentioned here will upload it.... It should clean up many questions....

    They were not interested in profit targets based on pips or dollars, their targets were based more on time.... It was patience, ie trust, which was trying to teach them...h

    //----- correction

    I was wrong about the magnitude of these trades.... Forgot she had been using my standard account so that it would be 10 to 50 cents a pip.... The trades in this post with'peytons new bicycle' from the remarks were hers.... She ended up buying 3 bicycles, one for each of them.... h

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote //-- hello...
    Hey, I asked in youtube about indiors where you and your kid used multiple TSR, WPR and indior that seemed like mACD. May you tell me exactly what were intervals on each TSR? Additionally where I could find that indior AO also what settings you used to this and also for WPR.

    Thanks. MedIce

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