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Thread: What have you learnt since joining FF?

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    Well, I have no interest on copy or EA trading! Butforexintuitivehelped me a lot to develop my trading skill on fundamental analysis! I can comprehend the hidden meaning of news so unnaturally! Besides, now I feel, I am not alone! I'm an active member of the trading community.

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    What did I learn?
    A number of briliant traders/eduors been revoked....
    Number of brliant traders/eduors been devastated....
    Number of scamers grew rapidly...

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    Honestly, I haven't learnt here anything useful.
    It is pretty much all BS.
    forexintuitiveis filled with suckers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    What have you learnt since becoming a member of FF?
    Quite a lot.

    1. That a lot of misinformation is introduced here as information

    2. That many members replie widespread myths of gambling only because they've seen them stated (here or elsewhere) and think they're true

    3. That several members, in a triumph of hope over experience, ascribe to indiors various kinds of magic predictive powers that they do not have

    4. That many members apparently imagine that identifying and copying something that only works objectively, Irrespective of the ability and experience levels of its consumer, is a workable substitute for hundreds of hours of eduion followed by thousands of hours of concentrated screen-time

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    I have learnt that this forum is basically a miniature model of society. Or more like society is a giant version of this forum.

    - Many people want to spend the work, the majority is looking for shortcuts.
    - Most folks will attempt to make the most of these gullible people. Lots of bullshit musicians everywhere, faking results and accomplishments.
    - Dunning-Kruger effect applies, particularly if the given person had a couple of wins recently: The Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which persons of low ability suffer with illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their cognitive ability as greater than it is. Https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning–Kruger_effect

    I am sure the list could be enlarged with a lot more things, I did not have time to think it further.

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    This in order to beat men from wall road as a retail trader, and not loose it all takes from me is to have a good plogy, a professional mentor, and a minimum of 5 indiors on the chart (it's an edge if you can`t watch the current price because of these ). Additionally I must be a part of the price action cult, and dedied my life to waiting to get a pin bar set up to happen. Now another important thing is to jump to dwell trading a.s.a.p.!
    Since only gurus get to trade demo accounts, otherwise everyone must jump a live account immediately!
    Among the most essential points perhaps was In order to find a strong support and resistance, to select the specific top and bottom I have to search for it 4000bars past in history,'' It's better when it had been created before my date of birth.

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    Another significant things I heard from forexintuitive:
    1) That if I one day will choose to sell trading egies (if I get too tired of blowing live accounts), I have to do my best to humiliate anybody who asks for a very simple proof of this trading system's profitability.
    Two ) I have to join some cult, preferably the one where there's a personal chat room subscription, so make my best attempts to kiss the gurus ass in order to perhaps just 1 day get a talk of his holy grail.
    3) In order to be respected, you have to select a random 4 digit number. Multiply it. And state that its exactly the (it's very important for the amount to be precise ) amount of pips you earn per week. Preferably daily, make you really do n`t want to be given any guides from members who may know a thing or two about trading.

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    I'm gonna learn about the actualforexintuitivetomorrow. . Flying to Tampa and see these mofos in the office...

    anybody wish to have me ask anything? You'll discover the trip results in my thread. . .Stay tuned

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    1. I originally came here as an invitation from someone I knew from a different forum. My articles normally provide macro comments concerning trading since I see no reason to make self-imposed competition with a worldwide audience. My biggest danger, other than news spikes, is slippage as a result of copy signals.
    2. I have enjoyed a number of the indior creations and suggestions. I am aware of at least two super cool tools I found inforexintuitivethat definitely provide an advantage.
    3. The movie I saw on Level II trading triggered a paradigm change in my trading approach. It gave me the notion to alter my balance technique by including a probability component.
    4. I have met with a few friends who'll remain friends for life.
    5. As for all the unwanted. . .no remark. Not worth infecting my mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I have learned that the huge majority of what's considered common understanding or fundamental into Forex trading is complete nonsense and anti-productive to making money. Trading progr based around indiors are nonsense. Candlestick patterns are nonsense. Technical analysis, as it is marketed to contemporary Forex traders, in general is bullshit and is your Forex equivalent of reading tarot cards or using holy water. And do not even get me started with this two% risk horseshit. If you're only risking 2% per transaction, you'd better have a giant account,...
    I agree with the first component. But I really don't think the 2% risk horseshit. It really depends on the egy.

    I think there's a lot of interesting idea on FF, and a number of them might even do the job, but some scepticism doesnt hurt.

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