What have you learnt since joining FF?
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Thread: What have you learnt since joining FF?

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    This for the most part, it is nothing more than a social outlet that shouldn't be taken too seriously. Nice place to chat with different people in this wolf enterprise.

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    I've learned that lots of traders are clever but one of the laziest people.

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    I've learnt

    - To follow my style of trading and also avoid being distracted. Eg Some persons are not configured to basket trade so stick to single trade threads that meets your style of commerce

    - To keep trading my trading platform, if I join a thread I seek to learn something to make my trading system better and to not completely change my trading system.

    - its great to make friends here but not with everybody because inforexintuitiveyou discover some great minds.

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    That u shouldnt learn to exchange out of forexintuitive. Its just the exact same thing repeated over and over and over.

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    Also learnt that trading USDMXN is profitable

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    I've learnt that you're a troll.

    I have also learnt that twee is not doing his moderating job nicely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I've learnt: - Plenty of useless threads are opened every day - Generally these useless threads are in the wrong forum section
    so let's a fantastic threads y follow y such as spider dan from tarantula alsow follow ferrufx becausa he have fine comentes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote so tell us a good threads y trace y like spider dan by tarantula
    Yes Tarantula is definitely a fantastic trader.

    Threads... you will find lots interesting and worth a read... however, the ones interesting me are not necessary the same compared to the ones having a little interest for you. My personal great inspirational thread would be your Alien's Extraterrestrial Visual Systems.

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    I Have learnt thatPeople prefer thinking nonsense instead of facing up reality to the stage they can't spell out the verb to shed properly. People prefer asking someone else to write a useless EA rather than thinking 2 minutes by themsevles to realize their idea can't fly. The further you explain people martingale and nhedging are dumb that the more threads appear using them. MT4 pseudo-backtests are crap.

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