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    Please, any recommendations on how to exchange the fundamental announcements for example tomorrow's non-farm self explanatory????

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    My point is,'' If a person is asking for recomendations as to how to trade the most volatile news event each month, It'd be apparent they don't have a lot of expertise. It might be unwise to send them to trade an event which, yes, could be exchanged by means of an expert. It is a recipe for failure.

    If you believe you have a means for trading NFP, which a lot of people do. I have traded the wake quite successfully, then try trading it in demo first and see what happens. Sure it only comes once a month, but you have loads of time to learn.

    Perhaps one of the men and women that are suggesting to trade that the NFP may take a minute and steer you through the procedure as it is happening. Otherwise, if you don't know what you are doing, it's only a bet. Good luck...


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    I don't find any problem trading the nfp, actualy trading it is in waiting till the price requires a direction, and then implementing a speedy commerce, wich is going to lead to at least 50 pips,
    you may miss the first 50 pips that showed u the direction, but not the next one.

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    Hahaha, really good suggestion
    I concur

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    Take the cash and bet on the world cup instead... More fun, less painful. Make Certain to keep enough out for beer...


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    Yeah...I guess you are all Can Be Quite painful

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    I love trading NFP. Call me mad, I guess. I'd say that if you want to trade the NFP, look at each NFP move for the past year. Consider what the candles seemed like going into it. Find repeating patterns that you may create a set of rules on. Trade it demo for a short time. I have developed my own egy that does pretty well on NFP day. Many people fear it because they do not have a systematic method of trading it.

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    What is so frightening about it? Get the new jobs number, hourly earnings, weekly etc, compare to the quotes and preceding amounts. . Have a peek at support and resistance levels, and go with the flow. . You'll have lots of time, you dont need to have a position 10 minutes after the information is released. Use a stop loss that wont drain the bank when the market can not make up its head and after it is safe to place it to break , do it, choose the free commerce and watch the pips pile up.

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    Actually, NFP is simple to trade.

    5 minutes ahead of the amounts are released, place Buy and Compare Limits at the greatest high and lowest low of the previous 25 minutes 12 pips. Decide on a Stop of 8 pips along with a PT of 80. Use proper risk management. (ya know... MAX LEVERAGE!!!!!)

    Sit back and drink yer java. Once approximately ten minutes is over, you will either reach your target or you will need to exit. Then, shut down your charts, close your brokerage window, and start your weekend...

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    Https://'ve attached a list of this year's NFP information with alterations. I'm certain you want to take a peek at it. This is what I'm beginning to perform for everybody like I have yet to see anyone come out with reall revision information to examine. I only figured if no one else was likely to do it I would.

    Jeff swanson

    PS does anyone know a fantastic developer? I should write some API's and I have been asking for more than a month. I want to interface shine with my brokers. I do not care which brokers or if someone wants to perform cold fusion and have the app push buttons around the monitor. Provided that it's automated.

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