Hi Folks!

That is my first article, so let me abuse this chance and acknowledge how impressed I am by the current forex community - fun to see

Once I have gone through several literature I was now going to start trading with a micro account. It'd be great if I could find some advise regarding a couple of things that I think are answered finest after having made some experience.

I had been considering riksing 1/2% each trade and planned on handling my account together with the Fixed Ration method (Greetings from RyanJones) and am wondering,

-What would be an appropriate starting account size?
-What drawdown could I anticipate?
-What delta for contract raises should I use?

That I know that the reply to this pretty much is'depends on your system!'
But maybe there is a guideline you could help me with.
Otherwise I guess I'll just stick to good old'Learning-by-Doing'...