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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yes I could also downloaded the information for the previous 4 years at no cost by the site above (http://www.fin-rus.com/analysis/export/default.asp). The problem is that I'm not sure that even 10 years is enough.
    I downloaded some of the data, and the accuracy of it seems way off.

    It was GBPUSD 15-min information from Feb 2001 before Jan 20 2005.

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    I think you're right about the data being off the actual values.
    I also downloaded the data, and it appears very very jumpy I'd call it.
    However I also downloaded from another website I said (the forexite) and it's the very same data but simpler.

    The tendencies of both kinds of this data will be the same. Besides, noisy data is much better than a perfect un-noisy one (explanation follows).

    I read a remedy to overfitting problem in some journal. When testing a method you can deliberately introduce some noise into the data, and if your system is robust enough you'd still get pretty good results (although the data is bad). So no actual problem with overfitting this noisy data...
    This is the reason why I do not really care about the character of the data. I really don't want it to be ideal.

    Moreover, when I earn enough money to buy the data I will get it done, but first I want to attempt to utilize what I've...

    For yet this info is good enough.

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    One other question I had.

    Does anybody have an idea after I look and examine my mechanical system, how I create it only mechanical. My broker right now is forex.com - how exactly do I create an interface to allow the computer do my own trades?

    I've yet no thought about how to perform it. Any suggestions are appreciated.
    The problem is also that my platform is MATLAB 7.0 and not some especially designed trading platform. Can you think of a way to wire the orders from matlab to some other platform which would also be harmonious with forex.com?

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    Have FXEngines tried? They operate with FXCM and will be going to reside trading in a few weeks. You may have to transpose your signals into theirs and may not be completely compatible.

    Another idea. . Is Worldwide Forex Trading or GFT. I am not sure where they're with live online trading but I believe that you can get it done on a demonion right now and a true account afterwards. You might even be able to program your signals in their charts... plus you can trade directly in the chart. One caveat I have with them is their platform (for me personally ) is the least intuitive and many clumsy I have encountered. It does have a few features I enjoy, so I use it as a back up.


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    Yes, I know I could use FXCMs platform (there's a plugin that would let me exchange through some other platform of their type), however, first of all I don't really want to alter a broker, and secondly there should be an alternative to do it also thorugh forex.com

    I thought of attempting to connect through their wap (for wireless) interface. Has anybody tried using a scripting language with ssl secured sites?
    Do you lean kit would work?

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    Forex.com has an API that you can use to ship transactions. Read about it in http://api.efxnow.com/docs/

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    How about utilizing the metatrader platform? Interbankfx (http://www.interbankfx.com) is my broker and they use metatrader. I taught myself MQL (that is the programming language for MT). Pretty simple, such as VB. The tought part is finding a egy which functions

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    Anyone have some thing to say about this plataform for trade the news?
    Anybody is moving with a stay account with this engine?

    Post a few answers.

    Thank you, regards POCOSO

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yes, I understand I could use FXCMs platform (there is a plugin that would let me exchange via any platform of their type), however, first of all I don't really want to alter a broker, and secondly there should be an option to take action also thorugh forex.com

    I thought about trying to join by using their wap (for wireless) interface. Has anyone tried using a scripting language?
    Can you lean kit would work?
    Hello ivenger,

    Regarding programming, there are many APIs are available from various brokers: MetaTrader 3 from FXDD, VTAPI out of CMS, OandA out of OandA and many more for people with bigger pockets. Your algorithms may be a little too complied for writing Expert-Advisors for MetaTrader4, but it may be a possibility also. . Eventually, Gain Capital has an API as somebody mentioned previously and I think that it can be utilized with forex.com accounts -- you should check out that.

    I've been working on developing'similar sounding' approaches . Though I don't have the necessary math background to speak in precisely the same level as you -- my ideas have been focused on composing'evolutionary' systems. This basically meansthat the system has a'built-in' backtester.

    By way of instance, say I am using a simple program with two parameters 5 and 13 (eg a 5/13 MA cross system). As prices come in, 5 and 13 may not necessarily be the most optimal parameters for your machine. Maybe in the current market history, they are 4 and 20. A system which could recognize how it can improve its performance and alter its parameters to optimum worth is my current focus of development.

    What this basically amounts to is writing a great, fast backtester that can be employed from the trading system itself.

    Regarding free historic data, you can use GAIN Capitals databank as a rookie http://ratedata.gaincapital.com/. It goes back very good number of years for its major pairs. Of course sing though the data and incorporating it into a RDMS is a exercise in itself. OandA has also started supplying tick-by-tick data but there is delay in accessing it and you have to have an account with them.

    Hope this helps,

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    Btw - I forgot that I thought about the other modifiion of the machine. How about integrating some news feed to the system that is oriented on certain search phrases and combinations to comprehend the meaning of it. Afterward shing the egy accordingly.

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