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Thread: How much do you risk per trade?

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    I risk about 5 percent of my account right now. However,! My account is not all my capital. I have a notional level in mind which is the maximum amount I am ready to lose in Forex trading. That might amount to less than 1 percent per transaction.

    In other words, you do not have to pay all your trading funds with your brokerage account.

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    2, 3,10, 50% it doesn't matter when you are successful trader and understand how this risk will turn for you. Winners are always risky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Read carefully my final post on this thread #25; Additionally right now im in the process of making this shithole state since I finally have the resources to perform it, including my elderly parents (NOT that easy since they need to take drugs, etc, etc..) EDIT: I have about two years trading full time, I had been profitable ( not that far but was enough for me in the begining) THEN lately I finally processed my trading aproach enough to go for a bigger% risk with small drawbacks. . As well as the compounding part I made it with 2 accounts, thats...
    show us ur commerce explorer then. I would really like to see ur performance.

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    One thing that characterises forexintuitive above all else is the ability of individuals to sound like they know what they are discussing whilst uttering complete nonsense. I am not picking on anybody specifically in this thread, but there are several. Rookie Talk is a really suitable name for your forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote somewhat yes. . It might be in two different points, is dependent on the second quote 1:1 quote depends upon the range =-RRB-
    Can you differ the type of range; predied upon the size of architecture or based on the day?

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    2, 3,10, 50% it doesn't matter when you are successful trader and know how this risk will turn for you. Winners are always risky.
    I really don't know how much of a prosperous trader an individual is to start with whether they take 50% risk at each trade.

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    What's in the title. What is your average risk per transaction percent?
    I don't compute my risk by per trade. I compute it as a whole. I take a total of 2% risk of my own capital. It might be 1 trade or it might be around 3 trades. My loss won't cross two% of my funds. Suppose my balance is 5000$. I total risk 100$. It might be in three trades or in 1 transaction.

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    In my trading, I try to maximally minimize risks, to achieve this I use a collection of tools, at the moment daily risk takes up 1-3%.

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    Based upon your trading style/system, you could only totally hedge or half hedge during news events. Bear in mind that unless it's something major or devastating, normally the long term trend remains the same. You really should just be worried if you're doing shorter transactions or scalping.

    You may also look into breakout trading as an option during these events. I don't recommend it, but a few folks do it and to every own. Do what works for you.

    Evaluation all egies on a demo account . As soon as you're comfortable with it then employ to your actual account.

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    It depends upon the pip range of the chart you're trading and your own equity. 2-5% of risk to your own equity is generally sound advice, but if you're on a 200-pip range chart which could still be way too much, depending upon your lot size. Hope that makes sense.

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