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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thanks a lot guys.
    Thats what I am doing day and night. Reading and more reading. Bought two books that I will disect this weekend.

    (has anyone read this books?? Are no good)??
    1- Begin FOREX - by Gideon N. Louw
    2- FOREX made easy - 6 ways to trade the dollar - By James Dicks

    Its quite tempting to perform Foreign Exchange though I dont know much. And that I cant because I dont even have money for that. If I had, I'd maintain the casino. . .ehehehehhe

    Best wishes,
    Hi M,

    I haven't read Begin FOREX so that I can not remark on it. However I found FOREX made easy to be EXTREMELY useful. Watch, I had a desk with a brief leg which was shaky. The publiion fit under the brief leg perfectly!

    A good book is Trading Forex: Understanding the Currency Markets by Kathy LIen.

    But you'll need more. I suggest you read these following:

    Market Wizards - Jach Schwager
    Trading in the Zone - Mark Douglas
    Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom - Van Tharp
    High Probability Trading - Marcel Link
    Reminiscenses of a Stock Operator - Edwin LeFevre

    You can play forex if you prefer just to get your feet wet. All you will need is a demo account (I urge plus a charting package (I urge MetaTrader4 from

    Let me know if I will assist you at all.


    Oh! Yes! Read the Beginners Forum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Could you be able to attach the indiors you have on your charts to this thread?
    PDF attached of working plan
    This is precisely what I am working on right now. The only request I would make is that nobody laughs at me in people and when anyone sees any inherent value inside let me have any constructive criticism.
    I have only shown a current brief commerce, but obviously the rules could use ( in reverse) for longs.
    I know there is some kiss among senior men for any sort of MA cross type method but I have tried to concentrate on maintaining the displays clear to observe price action with some assistance from some indiors.
    If I could ask that if curiosity in this develops into something useful is it transferred to its own thread so we can operate on it in a more focused way. (bit presumptious I understand ).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I was being facetious...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    PDF connected of functioning egy
    This is precisely what I am working on right now. The only request I would make is that no one laughs at me in people and if anyone sees any intrinsic value inside let me have some constructive criticism.
    I've only shown a current short commerce, but obviously the rules would apply( in reverse) for longs.
    I know there is some dislike amongst senior men for almost any type of MA cross type method but I've tried to focus on keeping the displays clear to watch price action with some help from some indiors.
    If I could request that if interest in this grows into something useful is it moved into its own thread so we can work with it at a more focused way. (little presumptious I understand ).
    In my original approach I had thought to utilize the 6 MA on a slope change basis rather than a cross basis, that's why re-entries shouldn't be against the system.
    The character is that the other MAs should ideally be pointing with the trend, I know that's ultra conservative but it might save a newbies bank roster if he/she tries it out.
    Still some thoughts are welcome. I'll probably revise the PDF over the weekend.

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    I haven't got used to this techique yet but I feel it is probably a more powerful long term egy for me on this learning curve. Additionally, it has the potential advantage of keeping me from a few of those bad trades my itchy trigger finger enjoys me to place.
    Once a PSAR place has appeared in the correct position relative to your expected trade direction, you place a buy or sell order over or below the pub that is inline with the place.

    Image below should explain the concept

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    I'ts been just a week that I am studying and reading the Foreign Exchange market.
    The longer I read, the more things become complied for me personally.
    I would love to ask a dumb question.
    I hear a lot about economic announcements, but I would love to know a reliable source(s) to search for economic statements so I could begin following the Foreign Exchange better.

    Would you guys give me some info on that?

    Best Regards,
    Welcome wlippo

    Your new, so none of your questions are dumb, read the novels that Dial cited, then read all the posts from the public area of the forum.

    After that, register using the Private Forum. You will see, it's talked about, by a lot of people due to what you get out of it. It's the best way that you learn and get great aid.

    Only rememberthis Foreign Exchange isn't in any manner, shape or form a get rich quick deal.
    You have to devote a huge period of time, research, reading and practicing before any payout.

    If anyone, anywhere on the web tells you otherwise, run like hell. They are just trying to take your cash.

    All the best.


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    Hmmm.... To directly answer your question, try to start with the site's calendar:

    also has posted a score of the distinct economic reports but I am not certain where it is. . I think it will also be useful. .

    Hope this helps.

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