Trading Systems

Below you'll find links and attachments to trading egies that have an established track record and/or a popular following. Please note that NO trading system, however good will make money for you on a consistent basis unless it's balanced with a good money management egy and trading area. No promises of profitability are hereby expressed or implied. Trade these systems in your personal risk.

A number of these systems are free and others require payment. Additional systems will be added as I become aware of them.

Http:// - A wonderful system for the 15 minute charts together with simple rules and clear signals.

Knife - A system derived from the Vegas 4 hour trading model. The James16 Group is teaching this system.

The Basics of Elliot Wave Theory - by - A largely mechanical system based on 4 hour charts that has been derived from the original Vegas 1 hour tubing procedure.

BunnyGirl Cross System - See attached BGX.pdf document for the first document, or right click on this URL to get the newer upgraded file Updated BGX Document