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    Is that their platform powered by Omega?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    is their platform powered by Omega?
    Is that bad or good? To be powered by Omega? Their built-in programming language that is proprietary is EasyLanguage. What has this line of question must do with trading?

    2004 - Company launches TradeStation 8, which includes execution of options trades. 2003 - TradeStation Securities launches Currency Market analytics and execution services. 2003 - Company launches TradeStation 7, which includes execution of futures trades. 2001 - Company launches TradeStation 6 for institutional and active traders, which combines for the first-time custom egy design and testing, automated trading and smart direct-access execution of stock trades. 2001 - Nasdaq trading symbol for your companycommon stock is changed from OMGA into TRAD. 2000 - TradeStation Securities (then under a different name), a direct-access securities brokerage, is acquired. 2000 - TradeStation 6, the Internet-based trading platform which will serve as the basis of the company's intelligent brokerage service, is established. 2000 -, the company's first Internet-based charting and analytics service, is launched. 1999 - Window On WallStreet is acquired. 1999 - RadarScreen, a software appliion that permits traders to scan up to tens of thousands of securities to recognize buy and market opportunities based on the trader's criteria, is established. 1997 - public offering. 1996 - OptionStation, an options trading product that enables traders to explore trading egies, is established. 1996 - TradeStation superior service is found by Telerate, Inc.. 1994 - Dow Jones Telerate, Inc. agrees to offer TradeStation as a superior service to its global. 1992 - SuperCharts, a charting and analytics software appliion, is established. 1991 - TradeStation, the company's flagship product, is established. 1989 - System Writer, a trading egy computer software appliion, is established. 1982 - Company is formed under the name Omega Research, Inc.. TradeStation also recently acquired IBFX,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Is that bad or good? To be powered by Omega? Their proprietary programming language that is built in is EasyLanguage. What's this line of query must do with trading?

    2004 - Business launches TradeStation 8, which includes electronic execution of choices trades. 2003 - TradeStation Securities establishes FX analytics and execution services. 2003 - Business starts TradeStation 7, which includes electronic execution of futures trades. ...
    Omega is trendy! I read several books about this platform and all writers promised that TradeStation is a superior platform!))

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