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Thread: Ranging Vs. Trending

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    Does anyone use 2 trading systems, one for every time a market is ranging and one for when the market is trending?
    Additionally, when would you know or how do you evaluate when to change from one system to the next?

    As the majority of the time the markets range, I am trying to understand how and when to go from one to the other.

    Any help or insight, would be much appreciated.

    Thank You...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Does anybody use 2 trading systems, one for when a market is ranging and one for when the market is trending?
    Additionally, when would you know or how can you assess when to switch from one system to another?

    As the majority of the time that the markets range, I'm attempting to learn how and when to move from you to another.

    Any help or insight, could be much appreciated.

    You should have 2 trading egies. One for ranging and one.
    I am no expert here. . But I find that range is the simpler to exchange. . Find it resistant and support. Then you merely trade along the sup and resistant.
    However, do your homework first on the way to do precisely that. . It not that simple since I have set it.

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    20 percent of the time the market tendencies, the rest will probably range.
    My oppion is you should have a trading egy(just one) which will work on either cases.
    If You're unnsure, better check the trading platform thread

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    I am convinced the list of approaches to this area almost as infinite as there are traders, even though there is some merit in the concept that if one learns to trade profitably in a ranging market, which might consist of simple entrances depending off engulfing candle formations or range-breakouts after discussion of local S/R areas on intraday time frames, then one could also apply this to entrance on a trending market... at least it has been profitable for all I've rubbed elbows with (and for myself).

    : ) Thom

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    Does anyone know when market will be different or trending at the future?
    Plz tell me?

    Best regard


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    Look at larger time period charts, 240D, and you'll be able to see if price is stuck in a range. If range bound, simply trade from those S/R places. It may be back to trend following, When it breaks through.

    Have a look at the GBP/JPY 60 and 240 min charts to see an instance of range bound action VS trending. Stuck in a range right now...

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