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    After having analyzed so many different trading egies and approaches, I discover that most of them have so many different indiors that they cloud the vision of what's occurring with the price. Because of that I decided to start this journal (as most of us did ) and begin to gradually my own system which suits my trading style.

    A point to note - I will be starting with M15/M30 timeframes to pick up the patterns that price follows in a bit faster, so that later to see whether this can be applied on H1/H4/D1 timeframes (that I believe it does all the way up to W1).

    I will only be using SMA(4) without a change and HL/2.

    My aim is to take a few dozen pips each day, no matter the pair, intending to run low-risk entrances in areas of constipation and jumping on the wagon of intermediate trend. Future analysis will entail searching for the best times in various pairs to enter along with the approximation of just how much can be taken therafter.

    This method will evolve, but the amount of indiors will be held at minimal - this, of course, will probably be judged from my own perception of this chart and analysis of what I will handle withough becoming obstructed by too many of them.

    So, a few charts with markings of the areas for entry to start with. The explanation of this approach will soon follow.

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    In total there were four entries that matched the pattern I have shown previously - when the management of yellow SMA is shifted along with the candle is cleanly on the opposite side

    The EURUSD exit was a bit too rapid, something to note for the long run. GBPUSD was picked at the wrong moment, thinking that I could ch the wave heading up but it was too late.

    In the previous trading experience I shut all places , leaving me to relax more than weekend - I suppose it will no longer be mandatory as my egy (both plogical and'menial') is different than before, but I stick with the safe side.

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