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    Ok, please excuse me. I am looking through 2 of Vegas Currency Daily steps. It states you should overlay the versions according to the different crosses. Do you do this? I have added the custom indiors to MT4. When I load the indior I have the tunnel and Fibs 3 up and 3 down. How do I overlay if there is but one indior to choose from? Any help on this is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hi Adrian,

    you'll have to add the VWB indior twice.

    The first with Risk Model = 1, and the other with Risk Model = 3 for GBP/USD.

    Hope this helps,

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    I Will give that a go.

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    Concerning the Model #'s. I see on my indiors record that I have listed. Bearing that in mind, do I want to adjust the Fib #'s too. If so then there does not appear to be a way to add three worth and also the only values that are present are the original 24 and 28 ema's on both VCD's that region recorded.

    Thanx again.

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    In case you've VCD recorded twice on GBPUSD or even EURUSD then you're golden (those pairs have two different version numbers overlayed). I'm not sure what you mean by correcting should just have more fib lines....maybe this thread will help.


    Should you find a screenshot which will help too...

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    If you did it correctly your chart should look like the chart attached.
    I also included the inputs which needs to be shown by the indiors.

    Hope this helps,

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    Goat and East. Thankyou soo much. East, what you have shown is exactly what I had. I was perplexed in my thoughts. I had been under the impression I needed to input the other model #'s 2, 3 and 4 inputing the fib values. That clears it up then.

    Thanx gents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Goat and East. Thankyou soo much. East, what you've revealed is exactly what I'd. I was perplexed in my own thoughts. I had been under the impression I had to input another version # 2, 3 and 4 inputing that the fib values. It clears .

    Thanx gents.
    No prob Adrian. . I try my very best to assist to the top of my abilties. . and time. .

    Actually, I got the Notion of putting up a picture from GT. .

    Love your new indior. .

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    Allow Me to add that I understand the Way to bring up the indior plus it's the following:

    Alerts, true
    Risk Model, 1
    MA1, 24
    MA2, 28

    Is this the place to change the overlays? I know one would use 1 and 3 to GBP/USD cross.

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