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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Small contract market on EUR/GBP @ 0.8788
    I think EUR is under downwards pressure and a big market could be coming. GBP on the other hand, looks to maintain momentum. This may be a swing trade that is good despite the contract dimensions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Just taking another look on NZD/USD, the HS pattern is still not broken. That being said, I believe NZD/USD is supported at 0.7210 therefore the HS might eventually not play out. Might attempt selective sells on NZD/USD.
    Scrap this thought. NZD/USD has entered a new range and is neutral/bullish. I wouldn't hazard any shorts on it; it would be more prudent to buy dips instead. HS has been ified.

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    Euro session is at....hopefully this bodes well for me personally!

    But she explained, where'd you want go?
    How much you want risk?
    I am not Searching for someone
    With a few superhuman gifts
    Some superhero
    Some fairytale bliss
    Only something I will turn to
    Somebody I can kiss

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    We wait patiently for USD bears to come alive.

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    I am not taking any more places, but if I could, I'd add a market USD/JPY @110.37.

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    Closed out my GBP/JPY long and EUR/GBP short to get a tiny net loss.

    Current positions:
    Extended CAD/JPY @ 91.275
    Short GBP/JPY @150.998
    Short USD/JPY @110.177

    Let's make this a Great day!

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    Today has not been a day that is good. I'm down 57 SGD. Made no progress whatsoever. That is unbecoming.

    Let us have a happy song and hope for better moves!

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