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    Only taking another look on NZD/USD, the HS pattern is still not broken. That being said, I think NZD/USD is supported at 0.7210 so the HS may eventually not perform out. NZD/USD is sold on by attempt selective.

    1. Sell GBP/JPY (counter trend)
    2. Sell GBP/USD (counter trend)
    3. Buy USD/JPY
    4. Buy EUR/JPY
    5. Buy EUR/GBP
    6. Buy AUD/JPY
    7. Buy EUR/USD
    8. Economy NZD/USD

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    Re-grouping my ideas.

    Sell GBP/JPY
    Sell GBP/USD

    Buy USD/JPY
    Sell NZD/USD

    Buy EUR/JPY
    Buy EUR/USD

    Buy AUD/JPY

    Dropping the call to buy EUR/GBP. Probably to be too explosive to ride through.

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    Do note that these are not finalized thoughts and everything and anything is exposed to last second changes.


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    I Believe I'd zero in on Some key Transactions:
    -Buy USD/JPY
    -Buy EUR/JPY

    Scalp ideas:
    -Sell GBP/USD
    -Sell GBP/JPY

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    We are less than 5 hours prior to starting, I am conducting a flu, hopefully it will still be a fantastic day!

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    Good morning...I find that the markets have proceeded. . .GBP/JPY has moved strongly up.

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    Took longs on CAD/JPY and GBP/JPY. The entries are not ideal, but nothing is perfect on the planet. I can only blame myself for not waking up earlier. When I did, would had obtained 30 pips on USD/JPY.

    Long CAD/JPY @ 91.275.
    Long GBP/JPY @ 150.102.

    CAD/JPY goal of 92, pending news play.
    GBP/JPY goal of 153.47.

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    ...I'm subscribed MoneyFocus, good luck...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ...I'm subscribed, good fortune...
    Thanks babydoll.

    Hopefully we head for much more green pips!

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