Hi all,
only after thoughts on historic data. I'm still considering buying data but what type would be best? Data thats relies on a single source or information which is multi-sourced( thats wat a specific company calls it). Would make any actual difference?

Also does the time frame utilized on end-of-day information make a dif? ( eg 5pm NewYork VS midnite GMT)

OOOOOnnnnnnnneee moooore thing(sorry ) anybody know of a data supplier which not only has end-of-day BUT has it in smaller time period ( eg 15mins, 1hr,4hr etc)?

By da way I figured nobody responded to my first article coz I said a lil sumfin I now know I wasnt allowed sorry all!!! Just my luck on anything!!!!! in my 1st article eva

Well I did everything right now (plz plz plz plz) n look forward to everyones help. THANKZZZ