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Thread: thread of forex and fun

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    Hi guys! Eventually I can make a thread here!

    I am a small time trader in Singapore (would love to meet Singaporean traders), timezone GMT 8. Welcoming anybody to share trade ideas, trading views, trading egies (for any monies) and/or anything fun (I really like pretty women).

    Looking forward!

    And of course, green leaves to all! Practice protected forex!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Good day to you, M I apologize for my comments. Not racist. Whatsoever. Just like the beauty of the life gives us. Yes - if disciplined - will be green complete - soon. Thank you. It is being killed by you . Your returns are from the world. And I have seen you doing this many times over... Don't know your sex - but there is an advantage with you. Again - well done. It's possible to trade. Take care, !
    I'm a dude....why else would I keep posting hot/sexy/pretty/cute girls?!

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    Dear all, the group is NOT a signal group.

    It is a group intended for
    1. discussion
    2. Sharing
    3. Speaking to kill boredom.

    Anybody who does not take part in it will be removed.

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    Day only turned perfectly nicely!

    Account currently over 8k. . .which for chinese 8 signifies prosperity!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maflip ;
    quote You still short? GU is bullish in the moment but it's currently testing resistance. Pair to watch is UJ if it breaks over the triangle GJ we go. I submitted the pattern in the Dragon forum. If way breaks. I am carrying a trade just for pleasure. .01 lot. lol todays is US Holiday. Just to kill boredom lol. picture
    Sorry I missed this article. Yup, still holding my shorts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sumar ;
    quote Serious?
    550K could be rupiah, he is from Indonesia. That might mean. . .USD 40.

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    Hello all.

    Still Taking a Look at the Exact Same stuff:
    -GJ shorts
    -Gold shorts
    -AUD/USD shorts

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    not certain if it has something to do with the devil, but 112.666 seems to be holding..lacks momentum to push down...I want to see 112.54 else bears engine cant begin.
    exited shorts.

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    Alright, we will be beginning today/now.

    I've made some tweaks to my own focus, largely, my day will begin from 00:00 to 23:59, GMT 8. This will fit my timing.

    Starting account balance: SGD 3,775.51

    Goal: To increase the account at a rate of 3 percent every day, compounded. Is that a goal? Of course. But if you see it triumph, on Trading Day 200, with a 4K funding, you have...1.47 million. Can I succeed? Probably not, but every accomplishment begins with the decision.
    Anyone and everyone is more than welcomed to join in and document their journals here too!

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