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    Commencing August 27, 2017::

    Forward Exam for an extensively back-tested Scalping EA.

    Starting Capital::: # 3000

    Instruments::3 (Usd/Jpy; Eur/Usd; Gbp/Usd)

    Risk Settings:: 2% Balance Risk per Device per Trade.

    Logic:: EA places Orders subject to deviation (2) of triple ADX filters (on a M15 Chart) to find a power surge in price to elect direction. Includes Stealth SL TP (35 pips each) and Break-even (20) values; Trailing Stop (95 percent ); Trailing Step (1); and Money Management. Hedging allowed and set to Yes.

    Broker/Account::: FXCM Demo (I've Real Account with FXCM for several years)


    I've minor concern using FXCM for the Forward Test because my current MT4 allows just the last 30 days background when producing a thorough Statement in MT4, and if I want more detail then I have to use their web-based analytics service that takes into account All Background / any Selected Period. This may affect the Trade Explorers Stats here to some extent and degree.

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    Update: Sept. 4, 2017

    Slight change to Preferences:::

    Includes Stealth SL TP (35 pips each) and Break-even (17) values; Trailing Stop (35%); Trailing Step (1); and Money Management. Hedging enabled and set to Yes.


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    Update: Sept. 28, 2017::

    Upon inspection, we are generally profitable. The effect of a commission based account and the difference between profitable gains and actual gains demones that using a non commission spread-betting account are the way forward should I make this a funded account.

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