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    Dear Traders,

    thank you all and especially for giving birth and caressing this particular thread. I've read it till page 53, it is going to take a while to finish it.
    I'm a struggling trader. I suppose, everything essential is composed the first 50 webpage, let alone the pdf.
    That is the reason why I post a chart here, I want you to comment on it if you have the energy and time. There is still something that I miss. Why is it that I fail here? I have a lot of similar transactions.
    Safe trading.

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    Or you. Tp might have been at the yellow line. Price got deep in the box, retraced somewhat but never attained the tp. Not even near. Suppose, the oroginal installation was bad. But why...

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    Htf, this one seems great. After being stopped out, I will ask, why... (facepalm)

    I've discovered that staying with the tendency is a potential boost regarding S/D too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Htf, this one looks good. After being stopped outside, I will ask, why... (facepalm) image I've discovered that staying with the trend is a potential boost regarding S/D too.
    On HTFs, I am waiting for 94 region to try a short.
    More S/R commerce not S/D exchange for me.

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    Does anyone use this egy? Might it be feasible?

    Ken dissapeared?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    does anybody use this egy? Is it viable? Ken dissapeared?
    I sure hope it is still viable! I'm just beginning and am analyzing this and also the Seiden vids. It's too bad Ken isn't active anymore, as I'm sure it would be a huge help having his comments.

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    This method will always be functioning since this is nature how selling and buying works anywhere.

    My last AUD JPY trade. Hit to the pip.

    1:2 RR for counter 1 and trend:infinity with trend bounces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I sure hope it's still feasible! Iam analyzing this and the vids and'm just beginning. It's too bad Ken is not active anymore, as I'm sure it would be a big help having his feedback.
    Sam's videos and Ken's PDF is sufficient to get the know-how.
    Problem is the trader and discipline to adhere to the know-how.

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    Crazy good need amount on h4 USD MXN of course no more valid because it was taken 2 times.

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    AUD CHF provide level on h4 for 2:1 RR

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