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    Sterling (stersuhr) has trusted me with the task of launching and managing this new ribbon, which goal is to concentrate all discussions regarding the EA regarding his system.

    The most important goal is to talk here all the EA related problems, like tests, backtests, pairs, timeframes, etc..

    If you are new to the system, first visit the system's ribbon, in order to understand its rules, situated here:


    Feel free to post here some EA created for this system you'll develop with, for assessing and testing purposes, but understand that there will soon be an official EA, which will be approved by Sterling.

    Those who understand Sterling, understand his effort to instruct his egy, and instruct us to become better traders;
    For those who don't, allow me to quote him, in a PM he sent to me
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    (...) It the old saying you can give someone a fish and feed them for a day or you'll be able to instruct them to fish and feed them for a lifetime. I work to hard to not accomplish teaching people. Thats my reward and if I cant have I don't have any reason to do so (...)
    For these reasons, when the official EA is accepted, Sterling will send it by email, to people who've established in his thread to have heard the fundamentals of the system.
    In order for him to do so, you'll have to spend a couple of days in his system's thread, posting and talking the signs the system is giving right now.

    I expect we can all make this a thread with the exact same good and wholesome discussion, as noticed from the system's thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I have been following Sterling's thread, and studying out the EA posted there. I have made a little modifiion to include in fixed-percentage MM, which corrects the lot size of every trade so there's always exactly the same quantity of capital at risk in every trade.

    I'd like to share, but do not want to throw a wrench at the testing. Can it be handy to post this change ?
    I asked the starter of the thread if you guys have any questions reguarding the EA please PM him if you've got any questions regarding the EA or posting new items into the EA.


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    Thanks so far, I get it
    I didn't certain about going stoploss from high pub A to high pub B, today it is apparent
    great luck

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    . .good to see you tonirai - I enjoy the'there will be an official ea' bit and it's good to see that they're not rushing one out and possibly giving it a thorough test. .

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    Great to see this thread started. Been trading this method for a few weeks and it appears to b quite profitable. I really don't know much about programming but will help out however I can. I am hoping the official ea will b as profitable as guide system. Look forward to seeing the ea. Let me know if I can help out. I think I have a pretty good grip on the system.

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    Since the system started, I've been waiting to get a good EA. I'm looking forward to backtesting the machine on 6 hr and 8 hr charts. Also the EUR/JPY as well as the AUD/USD. I've been trading the system live since we've begun, and have performed well regardless of many mistakes I've made. There were Some to my benefit. I traded the EUR/JPY but with funds that were tiny. Did until the recent choppiness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ..good to see you here - I like the'there will be an official ea' bit and it is good to find they're not hurrying one out and presumably giving it a thorough test. .
    You're right - the group involved in making/testing/approving the EA is taking time to do the things , without a hurry, no pressure, because we need it to exactly replie the principles and the guide trading of this system.

    Once the green light will come, it will be announced both here and on the system's thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I have been waiting to get a good EA since the system started. I am looking forward to backtesting the machine on 6 hr and 8 hr charts. (...)
    We will find the opportunity to do all those things - if I might add, why not a smaller timeframe also (such as the 3H)?

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    Some might ask why this thread wasn't begun on the programming conversation's forum;

    Well, I thought about it.
    However, the objective of this thread isn't making nor altering the EA - it is to discuss its trading, while it's on the pair interval it was design to exchange, or others.

    So the right forum is here, on trading egies' forum.

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    Hi Tonirai,

    I am unsure whether it's possible but it might be practical for the suggested EA to utilize unique timeframes to enter and exit trades. 1 idea I have would be to utilize 8hr for a new sign and 4hr once we're in a transaction.

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