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    the psar is about the first post of the thread
    please post anything about that ea on that thread

    article about that ea here

    trendmeleaveme edited by
    I added mm and I left it so the ea does not clutter the chart
    you wont see without any arrows or busy lines
    thats the only thing I like relating to this ea is all of the clutter
    well now its clean
    also added auto magic number for diferent pairs
    if using auto mode the ea knows the spread and also accounts for this
    added a depart mode so you can use a entry chart and depart chart
    to see all of my changes along with a screen shot of an illuion on how it can be used
    view this article, this really is an illuion it does not mean I use it this way or the illuion is profitable
    I believe it a good tool for guide trading
    for your regular trendmeleaveme functions, place auto to false

    heres a few answeres to your questions iv been asked

    the ea allows one order at a time on each pair
    you are able to trade all the pairs you want simutaneously

    only 1 entry per sign: is indeed you can manually close a trade with no reopening
    other than that you will not notice any diference
    it'll trade again in the next qqea cross
    that is also good for turning on ea in the middle of a trade in case you dont want it to enter

    if using tick style the ea trades immediately in the cross, in case tick manner false the ea will only trade at bar end
    basically the ea will only look for trade as it has a new open to analyse
    thats called trading on open price
    see tick style is close price
    this functions just like a ma
    if you decide on a ma to close, it will move up n down since the bar moves up and down
    in case you place the ma to start, it doesnt move until theres a new open
    so using tick can occasionally mean getting in several pips sooner
    it will trade in the middle of a bar
    tick manner is best

    maxlots is to be set at your brokers maximum lots
    lets say your broker will only allow 100 lots in any single trade
    well if mm calculates that a lot size of 101
    youl get a error and the ea will not trade
    ibfx includes a maximum of 50 is why the ea is set to 50 by default
    if you place this over your broker limit you wont receive trades
    not in tester
    youl get error message

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    Iv been manual trading

    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    Btw, do you have some announcements from your ea?

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    Please no 1 article
    im posting 7eral article to book this first page

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    Ok I have booked 7eral articles because of my ea's
    all are free to post now
    all of my ea's will be updated on the previouse articles

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    Thanks for sharing your system.

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    Thanks for you sharing your system
    I test the EA, sorry but following 11 trading, my cash shift from 10000 to 389, there are really no parameter setup?

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    Until I have more time, the psar is here

    and supernova begins here

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thank you sharing your system
    I analyze out the EA, sorry but following 11 trading, my money change from 10000 to 389, there are any parameter installment?

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