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    Welcome everybody
    Since four decades now I had been trying to be discretionary price action trader, concurrently nonetheless I had been constantly searching for a clean, simple and easy to perform mechanical system.

    Taking inspiration from various sources it looks as though I finally found some trend following formula that's quite straightforward to execute and is also bringing satisfying results on eur-usd

    kijun-sen tenkan-sen (a part of ichimoku kinko)
    heiken ashi
    price action (retracement)

    long entry rules (opposite for short):
    1) first long signal (prep signal):
    closing of 15 min price bar must be over 3 lines: ema55, kijun sen, tenkan sen and osma must be favorable and heiken ashi must be bullish:
    two ) retracement period: we're waiting for specific price behavior which may occur next candle or any amounts of following candles.
    3) second long signal (entrance signal): we're entering the market one or two seconds before the close of second long signal.

    Simply saying what we're searching for is one long signal, then some retracement and eventually second long signal again.

    Long exit egy (opposite for short):
    1) initial SL is -30 pips
    two ) when price reaches 30pips SL ought to be moved to BE or kijun-sen if it is higher than BE point.
    3) After we just trail our SL using kijun sen (SL should be 1 pip below kijun sen -- as much below as is the broker's disperse ) and we're patiently waiting for SL to be obtained.

    Recommended entry hours:
    beginning: 3h earlier London Open.
    End: 1h earlier London Close.

    Revers principles:
    if we're in long trade and second short signal seems we close the lengthy trade and open short one.
    We can revers only during recomended entrance hours period after that time we neglect all signals and we're waiting for SL to be obtained (with profit or Loss)
    You will revers that trade only after legitimate reversal signal which appears during the next trading period beginning 3h before London open

    exemptions principles:
    if we were in long trade that has been stopped (using profit or loss) we enter again the next bullish signal if it appears.
    If we've got open long trade we neglect all other long entrance signals until long trade is closed (with profit or loss)
    If we've got open trade (short or long ) we neglect any signals that arises after advoed trading hours. You just manage your SL and wait patiently until trade is closed by SL (using profit or Loss)



    Neglect all indiors attached to post no2 and download only those connected to this post
    replace them if you downloaded them

    Those three custom indiors are pointing entrance signals.

    Govinda_arrow: (it requires Govinda_math to work )
    signalling arrows -- they look after candle is closed.
    Red dot -- initial SL ought to be placed there
    green dot -- when price reaches that level we proceed SL either on BE point or kijun sen.
    Arrows appear only when:
    1)previous candle wasn't fulfilling all required conditions and the current candle fulfilled all the conditions
    two )previous candle was fulfilling all the conditions and current candle also fulfills all of the conditions and retraces back into the area of EMA55, kijun-sen, along with tenkan-sen (or at least touches one of these lines)

    Govinda_live: (it requires Govinda_math to work )
    light blue bar -- prep for extended sign
    blue bar -- extended entry sign
    golden bar -- prep for short sign
    crimson bar -- short entry signal.

    Added explanation for extended trade:
    1) first light blue bar = first bullish arrow long prep signal
    two ) all following light blue bars are just telling us that dim blue bar (entrance signal) may appear soon
    3) Dark blue bar (entrance signal) = instant or any other consecutive bullish arrow.

    Govinda_math: You don't need to start this indior in your chart (it shows nothing) but you need to place it to /experts/indiors folder. (it is slightly modified Heiken i indior that computes merely HAopen and HAclose)

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    With the usage of these indiors I did a few backtesting and forward testing (simply May 2008) for eur-usd
    Here are the summary results.

    May 2008: 410 pips (forward evaluation and live trading)
    April 2008: 962 pips
    March 2008: 581 pips
    February 2008: 446 pips
    January 2008: 244 pips
    December 2007 614 pips
    November 2007 324pips
    October 2007 -154pips

    You can assess those results by putting the indiors on your chart.


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    Now I backtested September 2007: the outcome is 261pips

    Certainly system is generating some loosing times and even loosing weeks but looks like loosing months look very rarely.

    Nevertheless more backtesting is required. If anyone of you'd like to help me with manual backtesting I will be very grateful.

    Although I am more or less trading this method I really want more and more confidence and trust to exchange it peacefully, with no doubts and hesitations.

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    Hello. Govinda,
    How distinct on green/orange arrow .

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    Hello Chawichsak
    The difference can be found in certain calculations supporting these arrows. I decided to mark them with various colours in order to see whether there is any differences in outcomes generated by these signals but looks like there is not any difference in any way.

    So I handle these arrows evenly. In fact you can go to indior properties and change the colour to exactly the same.

    One more important trading rule utilized by me personally in backtesting too:
    If you have open transaction (short or long ) you neglect any signals that appear after advoed trading hours. You just manage your SL and wait until transaction is closed by SL (using profit or Loss)

    You will revers that transaction only after legitimate alteration sign that appears through the following trading period beginning 3h before London open.

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    1.5440 signal that was short Only generated

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    Interested to find out more. Can you tell me for those impressive appearing positive pips in every month, what were the variety of negative pips, so that I could see the percentage?


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    Hi. Can you inform me how to browse the govinda live? And what would be the dots near the arrows? Thanks. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Interested to find out more. Can you inform me for all those impressive looking favorable pips in each month, what would be the variety of unwanted pips, therefore that I could see the percentage?

    I realized that by error I introduced incorrect benefits in post . Sorry about that...

    In attachment you will find 65 pictures together with probable transactions from last three months exactly since they should be executed -- mechanically and with no hesitation and no second-guessing.

    The appropriate results are as follows:

    May 2008
    46 -- trades: 412 pips
    25 -- winners: 933pips
    19 -- loosers: - 484
    2 - BE

    April 2008
    46 -- trades: 450 pips
    25 -- winners: 1096 pips
    19 -- loosers: - 646
    3 - BE

    March 2008
    38 -- trades: 371 pips
    25 -- winners: 773pips
    19 -- loosers: - 402
    5 -- BE

    Are there any good men and women who'd like to backtest different months, please?

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