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    There's another rule which I will add according to suggestion about using multiples of a time frame. With it being 4x or 5x is something I have read as well but not convinced of the logic of these multiples aside from 4x being a multiple of 2x. Not certain if these numbers really mean anything in lively cycles of time (the authentic truth of market movements).
    But, cycles are constantly in flux. Fourier transform is proven to offer irregular and inconsistent counts. You will find better cycle counting tools (however I can't for the life of me remember what they're ). I know traders that utilize Hurst and Schaff cycles regularly. But I do not believe this method should be that technical.

    The approved theory with numerous time frame trading is to get a timeframe that's far enough away in the tf that you want to trade out of so that sound is less of a concern, but near enough to see possible entrance points to change to a decrease tf.

    IMO taking a look at the weekly and monthly charts will be too long when looking at this kind of price action except to watch SR zones. A fairly consistent pairing is more inclined to be H4 and H1.

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    I drew trend-lines in the close of June and July. Pick one trend to base your decisions on. You don't need to think about time frames, it's the beginning price that matters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    you don't have to think about time frames, it's the beginning price that matters.
    You have created your view apparent from the beginning, partner. We are aware that you don't think about time frame significant, that doesn't indie that that the rest of us do not.

    How many more ways are you going to put this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    You have made your view clear from the beginning, partner. We know that you do not think about time period important, that does not mean that that the rest of us do not.

    How many more ways are you going to put this?
    Opinion? I believe you are confused, Mate. As a trader, I have no opinion. Trading is data and statistics.

    I was reacting to mrjtdude.

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    Hi mrjtdude

    Can you post a few more Illuions - I think I understood what You're saying However not sure - Perhaps I Can throw up a chart or 2 to see if I understood properly

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