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    Well after looking over eu myself, it does seem to be good stat. Not all of the pips in the world but definately a good addition to your current s.

    Appears like it could be egorized into ea pretty simple by a few of you programming nerds huh? ( nerds - in a good way ) you understand like revenge of the nerds - everybody loved them

    if not, oh well, pretty simple to look at daily and punch in pending orders

    I'm already doing a daily on eu at which you open position at open and shut at close every day, this would only give me another entry

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    Here are the guidelines, first is indior, next is EA.

    Don't hesitate to use indior elsewhere if you feel like it. It's an MTF indior so that you may join for example daily station to hourly chart (pic below)

    Unfortunately the ea code will not compile because as I said, it has links to my internal lib with lots of stuff that I am not willing to disclose . however, it is not complied to understand the code and modify it to work if you would like to compile it by yourself.

    Edit: also added compiled version - it should work by pasting it in specialists folder.

    Edit2: Notice that I am using alpari data and timezone hence the results on your evaluation may be slightly different because different daily bar close time.


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    Looks like you forgot to article mikko_lib. mqh

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    seems as if you forgot to article mikko_lib. Mqh
    This is for additional people who'll ask the identical question. I quote my post:

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Some code such as position sizing is from my inner code library so it will not compile but you will see the overall logic and if you eliminate the position sizing, it should work.
    (I eliminated the position sizing in the EA before posting it but posted the below in 2nd post)

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Unfortunately the ea code won't compile because as I saidit has links to my inner lib with lots of stuff that I am disinclined to disclose . however, it is not complied to comprehend the code and change it to function if you want to compile it on your own.

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    Hi All,

    I did a manuel backtest on the EUR/USD.
    I guessed end of day at 17:00 New York time (EST)
    Here are the results

    2003 = 192 pips

    2004 = 156 pips

    2005 = 86 pips

    2006 = 331 pips

    2007 = 306 pips

    2008 = 498 pips

    2009 so much = 255 pips

    There was a lot of give and take on this system with some fantastic drawdowns,
    but so much every year was favorable. 2005 had twice as many trade as the 2nd most year did with the lowest profit. Anyone else test anything?

    When I have more time I will look farther back on EURO and look at other pairs.

    Due , so much I like how simple this is for some unwanted trades. This program is a long-term deal. Look at it such as social security, but may pay better.


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    This method appears to be like a very stripped down (utilizing fractile only) version of this Bill Willi Alligator heap online egy. It is very basis but can produce good results if you dont get too bogged down in the other indiors.

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    I also have discovered this system from enjoying FSB, and it seems to be a good system to exchange with.

    I set my TP stage at second bar high degree from previous 3 weeks background. What that means is that:

    I enter when the price breaks past fractual.

    Then I look at the chart to discover a greater price level which previous bars (around 3 weeks with daily bars) have attempted to reach but failed the heads and legs of pubs, not the entire body.

    I set my TP 5 pips below that amount for a very long trade and 5 pips above for short.

    I am now using this system to exchange demonion and it appears to operate at a higher%win ratio then the orginal system, although I do miss some big transactions, I could take profit a great deal more often and reduce loss from failures. Additionally, I place the SL in 1:1 ratio.

    Maybe a mix between the two are greatest. Would anyone have the ability to backtest this TP egy? I think it is tough to backtest it on FSB since there is not any such options. Additionally, I am just a trader, I actually dont know much about pc....

    Hope that this helps!!

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    Wow thanks for sharing your egy.

    Incidentally, I enjoy your desktop theme. Could you please inform me the way to create it? Thank you

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