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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Prominent member such as ,who posts but slanderous lies,
    you understand would seem you'd have some proof before slandering somebody like Mladen, whose generosity knows no boundaries, feel really sorry for the pathetic little existence, guess his generosity must have cut into your so called coding sales, or are you one of those business vendors he did not help, or one of those posting decompiled code he would not fix
    Did you read the same article I did? I am not visiting slander. And if was bagging on Mladen, why would he have left his vow there?

    Methinks you misunderstood something.

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    Me thinks your right, I will creep back to my hole now

    'Thanks for the correction, and SORRY again Hayseed!!!!!!

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    Hey mrtools.... Just noticed your last post.... Not sure of what transpired.... Sometimes my somewhat broken writing style can be confusing.... So that the fault might have been mine.... The someone, seemingly has an on going feud with mladen and wanted me to establish my statement.... Which of course I did, through pm....

    to explain.... Mladen, in my head, is the worlds greatest coder.... And please do not believe I arrived at that notion too quickly.... My days are filled with researching coding styles and manners of hundreds of coders.... Coding or trading is some thing I do an unhealthy number of hours 7 days a week....

    A shortcut to becoming better is by intensely studying the top.... My vouched for listing includes a few of the best coders.... If they can trade or maybe not, I have no clue....

    To my understanding, mladen has always presented his job in mq4 form on each forum.... That act independently says a tremendous amount about him.... His code design is perfect.... His range and quantity of work is unmatched.... The list goes on and on...h

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    my vouched for listing includes some of the top coders.... Whether they can trade or maybe not, I have no clue....
    Structure comes from forum rules.

    Just sayin'. No offense intended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    In the past 30 mins while browsing I've stumbled onto two threads posting decompiled mql code. ....
    Exactly. And well articulated. IMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Structure comes in forum rules.

    Just sayin'. No offense intended.
    Ugh, the vow system. Been there, ranted about that. Pretty sure I said being an idea to have a separate metric specifically for coders in order to differentiate that particular aspect from elsewhere.

    The final stern talking-to that twee gave me how I used to be a blight on the forum and they're in the procedure of making the forum better.... I left. I came back. I to this day (many months afterwards ) see zero changes anywhere... whatsoever.

    The forum is governed dependent on a whim and online earnings. When they cared half as far as it was intended for me to believe then they'd infraction anyone posting stolen code, and then maybe give a damn about some of the remainder of the nonsense they let slide due to page-hits gt; principles.

    Oh, and it has been noted that maybe a few of the folks posting decompiled code don't know that this is what they're posting. Well, they ought to learn quickly. It's akin to getting a file from a friend and then jumping on the program's forum website and asking the way to do something, all the while it's a cracked copy they're using. You don't have to smuggle drugs around bali simply as you did not know it was wrong.... Yeah. Boy whatnot and pants diligence /.

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    I have not seen one line of decompiled code worth keeping anyway. Posting ex4 files almost seems like a marketing ploy to pique peoples' attention and keep buzz in a thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Attachment comes from forum rules.

    Just sayin'. No offense meant.

    hey .... Of course, none taken....

    Traders that are experienced and shrewd.... Will you point out just one trader in my vouched for listing which is not experienced and shrewd.... Ok, there might be one.... Let's say 2? ....

    Or point out a single one which has posted decompiled code....

    I require vouching dead serious.... And to the best of my understanding, everybody on my list, except maybe 1, is a trader that's also experienced and shrewd.... In addition many are excellent at helping others with code.... All but some of those provide that code in mq4 form....


    ok, now we have had decompiling and vouching, we all need is somebody to bring up hedging and martingale.... Yall are own your own there.... ...h

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    traders that are experienced and wise.... Will you point out a single trader in my vouched for list that is not experienced and wise.... Ok, there could be one.... So let's say two? ....

    Or point out a single one that has posted decompiled code....

    I require vouching dead serious.... And to the best of my understanding, everyone on my list, except maybe 1, is a trader that is also experienced and wise.... In addition most are excellent at helping others with code.... All but some of those...
    I do not follow the articles of maybe 75 percent of the men and women in your vouch list. And besides, wise and experienced are subjective conditions, that might be interpreted differently. By way of instance, I would think experienced means somebody who's been earning a six figure income from trading for at least 10 years; while somebody else might think experienced means anyone who's come out ahead after spending 6 months in demo.

    In your posts in this thread, I get the impression (possibly wrongly?) That you vow on the basis of communiing ability, and willingness to assist others, and hesitation to post decompiled code,.... Which I see as being completely different to trading wisdom or experience. Hence my comment.

    But anyway, bah, semantics! If you are delighted with the way that you are vouching, then who am I to judge?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Anyhow, I apologize; no offense intended.
    hey .... Almost none taken....

    Anyhow, for the ones who don't understand and may be thinking about why, it's due to quid quo pro.... Hanover has multiple times over the years asked not to be vouched for.... I respect his request.... Another judgement call....


    back on subject....

    decompiling has done far more harm than good.... It is what restricts the spread of useful indiors and profitable ea's.... People like cja, ferrufx, traderseven and several others are easy targets for decompiling.... Plus they know it goes with the territory....

    The truly ambitious, genuinely successful, the genuinely inventive, the genuinely profitable traders/coders are pushed further and further away every day.... It is my belief we will see less and less of them.... That is our loss....

    Are you not successful.... Do you believe there are no useful indiors or profitable ea's.... Well you'd understand different if it was not decompiling's...h

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