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Thread: Decompiled code... stop posting it

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    In the previous 30 mins while surfing I have stumbled onto 2 threads posting decompiled mql code.

    If you are just too unworthy to perform the code don't decompile someone elses, or find a copy of decompiled code from somewhere, then come in here expecting someone who has a hint that will help you in any way.

    Many people who are valid coders have more integrity than to assist you (slip ) code. Some people put actual time and effort into our code, and also to see someone post their hai guyz I need halp with dis kode then attach a clearly decompiled file is spitting in our faces. In the past I helped a person with decompiled code just for the challenge of working it all out (it was the first time that I'd ever noticed decompiled mql), but have regretted it ever since because it was not at all the ideal thing to do. I never used the code and never had any interest of the kind in it, I just wanted to figure it out (coders like puzzles). Live and learn.

    If you would like to steal someones code, which is exactly what using decompiled code is, then deal with it yourself. Put on your own big-boy pants and do a little research and learn how to code for yourself.... But by then you should have learned enough to perform the code better yourself anyway and will not need your code that is stolen!

    Repair the code yourself, or even not at all. Quit expecting people smarter than you to help slip the work of different people who are also wealthier than you.

    The one saving grace that I've seen so far is these items are often some little junk script. I'm quite hesitant to release a number of this work I have done over time as I'm convinced I would see it pop-up somewhere decompiled with some clown asking for this to be repaired / cracked / whatever, yet, as some of my jobs are in the thousands of lines of code, and you guys can't actually work-out 20 lines of decompiled code, it gives me hope that it might still be a worthy exercise to discharge some of my work sooner or later. We are going to see.

    Stop posting decompiled code. Every time a person decompiles code Justin Bieber creates a new tune... so just stop. Seriously. I will not be helping you, not you need my help I'm sure, but I know some others will not touch it either... so that leaves you everyone else who is like you and has no clue and can't help.

    It might'just be some crap mql', but it is still a person's time and energy. They might have put more time and effort into their 20 lines of mql than that I have with a couple hundred of my own, but that is somebody's efforts you're, what is the term... perhaps... desecrating?

    Be type. rewind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Just as upsetting to me as the theft aspect, is that the parallel trait of the potent sense of entitlement.
    That's what makes me the most. Somehow some folks can not tell the difference between asking for real assistance with something confusing or obscure (and communiion it well), and just being too dumb and lazy to spend some time in a help file or google... or just flat-out wanting someone to pirate someone elses work as though it signifies nothing.

    And a number of those folks will have paid to have those files decompiled... that is what does my head .

    That's people for ya. There is a reason why the haves have, and the haven't do not. And of everything, they want to dabble in Foreign Exchange? Good luck with that. Good luck really.

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    Fully agree, sometimes these individuals even ready to pay to change decompiled code.
    A good advice here: it might be easier and more economical to do some google, to obtain the author and pay him to change his script/EA/whatever rather than pay a second coders. This way you may get backup and keep a good conscience.
    Laziness is a principal obstacle here I suppose...

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    Having in mind why are they (the majority of them decompilers) doing it (to pretend they know something about coding) I do not feel they will stop - this way they could be coders and that's such a noble thing to do

    And the extent of how much it's spread is enormous: visit official mql website and at the code base you will discover quite a few bits of some decompiled code too (in the code base people are all posts approved by their moderators and admins). The disease is at the place where it all began from (that the decompiler could come only from 1 place) and even they aren't doing anything against it by enabling the decompiled code in their code base they are sending quite the contrary message: kill all the coders that aren't ours

    So, after all, the images of decompiled code are all just doing someone else dirty work...

    The sole result is that there is and will be less coders coding anything for metatrader. All things considered why should anyone do it at the conditions that are going on now?

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    When I see decompiled code attached to some post I generally chide the poster concerning it and then take it all down.

    However, as mladen pointed out it is really a moot exercise. I can take somebody's ex4 file and for like $1 I can have it decompiled on a specific internet site.

    In this environment I do not bother posting ex4 files as it provides absolutely no security of my IP. The source is posted by me or simply keep it to myself.
    Recently it has been the latter.

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    Someplace we should mention, many don't know they are submitting decompiled code.... So maybe it's an honest mistake.... Somethin that they would not have done if it were known....

    What's kinda funny to me is the'self appointed' code ace that have their personal web sites offering coding service at the top of the page, right together with decompiling service at the bottom....

    Now that is funny.... ...h

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    someplace we should mention, many do not understand they are posting decompiled code.... So perhaps it's an honest mistake.... Somethin they wouldn't have achieved if it had been understood....
    Lucky for them a few people will point it out for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    what's kinda funny to me is that the'self appointed' code ace that have their personal web sites offering coding service near the top of the page, right together with decompiling service in the bottom....

    Now that is funny.... ...h
    I'd avoid ordering anything out of such web sites. If coders don't honor other coders' work, why should they honor writer's rights? Most probably any EA ordered from dishonest website would be publicly offered in a upcoming few days following release.
    Thus... it could possibly be wrong choice to have a bargain with men who code and decode in the exact same moment .
    I believe it's easy to see for everyone who use these services. Another conscious choice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I feel it's easy to see for everyone who use these services. Another conscious decision?
    hey raitsoft.... Several decades back after mentioning mladen was the worlds best coder, at least in my mind, someone began pm'ing me.... That very a person has several forexintuitive usernames with multiple websites offering both coding and decoding.... There are lots of other marginally promiment members doing the same....


    what prompted me to post was mladen.... ...h

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hey raitsoft.... Many years ago after mentioning mladen was that the worlds top coder, at least in my mind, someone began pm'ing me.... That very someone has multiple forexintuitive usernames with numerous sites offering both decoding and coding.... There are several other marginally promiment members performing the same....


    what prompted me to post was mladen.... ...h
    SORRY after rereading,rereading and rereading I decided I do not understand how to read.

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