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    Is there anyone out there who has a 4 hour pivot indior with adjustable GMT offset. What I mean by way of a 4 hour is the pivots calculated over a 4 hour period rather than a daily, weekly, monthly etc.. I've attached one I found that if work good but as you can see in the screenshot, it's not performing the calcualtion properly. The dotted line is the pivot indior and the magenta lines are where the pivots must be. Any help is greatly appreciated and I've attached the indior if anyone fancies looking at the code


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    Thanks so much, didn't realise I hadn't set up to be informed on answers so just found your reply. Can check it out

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    Works great so once again thanks for that Futurespec, really appreciate it. The one thing I'd like to change would be that rather than plotting the pivot lines over the time frame it's calculated , they may be plotted in advance. For instance the 4hour pivot lines from 8.00 to 12.00 currently plot beginning at 8.00 and finish at 12.00. Of course they do not show until 12.00 because that's if the hour period closes. It would be great when the lines plot from 12.00 until 16.00 because that's the time period that the pivot is used for support and resistance levels. However even as is it's works fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Was bored so threw this together for you.
    (it is possible to set your own period in hrs)
    Any additional amendments to you personally.



    Edit: Think original did not upgrade with new bars so minor edit and re-attached
    hmm looks fantastic futurespec,

    Although as I see it doesnt plot in advance with the current bars.

    Anyway that can be manually done so its not much of an issue.

    But I realised there were some problems.

    THere were some days where you will find 2 lines of each level.
    Like 2 pp, 2 R1, 2 S1. Any idea why?

    And also, do u think u can edit it to make it reveal the r2, r3, s2, s3 also?

    Ps- my perfect pivot indior btw is that it can reveal hourly pivots, daily pivots and weekly pivots altogether of cos in different colours.

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    Was bored so threw this together for you.
    (it is possible to set your period in hrs)
    Any further amendments down to you.



    Edit: Think original did not update with new pubs so minor edit and re-attached

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