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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello I find this intriguing. I would really like to hear proceed how you approach trading, could you give a few examples? Maybe of a good and bad trade and you took them?

    Joyful to go through it, hope the advice that I have sent you gives you an idea. I think that the EURGBP trade is a good illuion of how it works. I hope something like occur with Soybeans, that is currently approximately 1 percent of the 3.5percent DD.



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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    That reminds me on a fashion that I used: BWILC. So trading ultra low leverage with only digital stops to prevent getting stopped out due to this noise. Short term the markets are in fact pretty arbitrary.
    I had a glance in some posts on BWILC, and that I will read up on it a little farther. Cheers

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    Another fairly good week, with 11 TPs struck and one SL. Equity levels regained the loss from last week - specifically with all the EURGBP tardes closure in a little profit - and continued upward, although the Soybeans commerce reduced those additional profits somewhat during the previous few days.

    I currently have 12 open positions with only 5 orders set now, so will most likely be a more straightforward week over all. Drawdown is currently at 4.16%, so still about average, with all the Soybeans commerce counting for just over 1% of the DD.

    Total equity gain was 1.7% for the month, so just a bit below the 2% target, though IRR is over 30% so still tracking very well above goal.

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    These past two weeks have not seen much motion, together with 9 new positions opened, 1 SL and 5 TP taken. Equity has remained dropped about 2 percent MTD, and while current DD is about 6.7 percent, a bit more average, it did get as high as 8.5 percent.

    With this fall in equity during the past couple of weeks, IRR has fell under the 25% goal, sitting at 24.3 percent.

    I currently have 15 positions available, with 6 orders placed today. Hoping to get a week that is volatile!

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    Last week has been just another quiet week, with 6 positions 5 and opened TPs hit. Not all available orders placed were hit , which is odd. Equity dropped a little over the week, DD back around approximately 7%.

    Regrettably I didn't have time to put some orders, and the market opened today (Monday) with some fantastic motion around the French election, and I missed a couple of opportunities. However, 4 older trades closed in their TP or beyond it, taking some fantastic profit, and other trades obtained good ground, so that is fine. I've just opened another 7 positions, taking complete open positions to 19

    Currently at 5.1percent DD, so well within average, and hoping for its volatility to increase after the US markets open

    With this mornings movement MTD profit is at 0.5%, so under the 2% target but back in positive amounts, and IRR is back over 25% target in 28.5%.

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    A bit more active this week, with 13 TPs and one SL struck, with a few good gains on EUR and GBP. Overall though, equity dropped within the week, mainly through CAD and AUD, and current DD is 7.7%.

    So this has been a losing month all up, using a 1.5percent reduction in equity. IRR for the previous 12 months is currently at 24%, just slightly under the 25 percent goal. Generally though, I am happy with our that the machine is likely, DD has been between 4% and 6% on average, with the maximum at 8.5% and the lowest in the last few months at around 1%.

    Main vulnerability currently is CAD (long) at around 25%, and AUD (also long) at about 17%. There are currently 11 positions available, and I have put 10 orders .

    I have deposited an additional $1000 to the account this month and I will attempt to continue this for the upcoming few months to have a good account balance by the end of the year.

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    Not sure what's happening with FF, seems like I've got some type of insect, stats have been all around the place the past few weeks, therefore nothing is showing correctly any more. For some reason, no matter what I change in the preferences, it only shows account from 03Feb17 and it somehow includes a 40% reduction at the beginning of Feb, for an amount of approximately $4000, which can be more than I think I had in the account at that moment. So stats graph way out of sync today....

    I've included the MyFxBook graph as well, which can be accurate (although just the last 5 weeks or so is only Set and Forget)

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    Seems likeforexintuitivecan not fix the problem I'm having with my TE - I've even tried deleting and resetting and no pleasure, so before I can get a solution I will just continue minding the MyFXBook chart.

    It has been rather a slow few weeks, together with the last week of May see some previous gains reduced, and my drawdown discount to just over 10 percent (from an average between 4% to 6%). Actually, equity-wise, I had yet another dropping month using a 2% reduction in equity and IRR down to 15.5% over the past 12 months.

    June started slowly, and has picked up quite well: quite a few trades taken this week, and a few older trades closed also, albeit a couple at a small reduction. Soybeans bounced back a little but continues with 2 trades at the negative, so holding time on this is going to be a bit longer.

    Month to date I'm up 8 percent on equity in the end of May, and IRR is at 17.6 percent. What's really encouraging is that the annualised IRR for the 4.5 months of my Set and Forget egy is at 36% - well over the 25% target.

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    Another combined week this week while I had 7 TPs hit, the reduce AUD and to a lesser extent the GBP meant some of the fantastic equity profits made from the first half of this month were reduced.

    MTD equity is up just over 4 percent with 1 more week trading abandoned. This implies annualised IRR has dropped to just below the 20% amount - therefore while a good yield it is under goal.

    I currently have 16 open positions (20 transactions ) and I have just placed another 8 trades. Average open has been about 16-18 over the these last few months, so getting up there.

    Current DD is currently at about 4.9 percent. However, because this egy is looking pretty robust so far, I have made yet another deposit, this time of 3000. DD would be sitting around the 7 percent mark had this residue never been made. The new trades placed have improved lot sizes to reflect the new lien standing.

    Some downward motion in the NZD (particularly against the AUD and GBP) over the next few months would see some good gains. In my view, with AUDNZD sitting at virtually historic lows, it is merely a matter of time before it regains some soil. There's maybe further downward pressure on the AUD towards parity, however I feel that in the not too distant future we'll see up it at 1.05 and then 1.10, particularly with the NZ election just around the corner.

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    Week ending 28Apr18

    We began the week with 6 transactions open, and I placed 11 orders, of which 9 were taken. 5TPs were hit, so on goal there, and we now have 10 trades open. The transactions are only 2 weeks old.

    Gain on equity this week has been 0.2percent over the AUD account, bringing it to 10 percent for the month up to now. Margin Used is 16% of NAV.

    Overall, for example, NZD funds and with the upward movement in the AUDNZD, NZD equity profit was 0.7percent for the week, and 10.3percent for the month, using complete drawdown sitting at 1.7%.

    The AUDSGD is your transaction most in the red right now, and is at 1.0022 currently after a bounce off the 1.0000 mark. If it breaks through, there might be downward pressure to support round the .9900 degree. I will keep an eye on that one.

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