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    Most traders have a tendency to operate from low t/f charts it sounds, and they wonder why they win then lose, win then lose etc etc, the cycle goes on all day for many. They never get ahead, because trading low t/fs is actually just an increased guessing game. Sure some bang about order flow and all that smart stuff as though they think they understand more than what the market does. . .obviously they do not!

    I think It's very likely that most of them don't have sufficient capital (if any) to operate from at least h4 minimal, whereby truer market directions can be more easily detected and traded. Naturally more patience and funds are required to operate off of the higher t/fs, but it is both the right way to trade and actually the simplest to get a number of reasons, not least because minimal screen time is demanded!

    A range of threads speak about their systems and in my opinion, whilst they may be operating from higher t/fs which is great, they still manage to over-complie the whole procedure. The fact is, identifying an entry signal should be straightforward in itself, so long as fair stops and goals are in place, then all of the trader would/should need to do is periodically monitor for potential add-ons and that's it, with nothing else elaborate or complex to bother themselves with.

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    With so many threads, remarks, trends, approaches, egies, etc present on all the forums makes it rather difficult for inexperienced traders to become consistently profitable. Arguably, they are spoilt for choice, but more often than not they are caught in the headlights and confused by all the hype.

    For me. The major objective when I look at a chart is always facilitate. It has to be clear and also an unambiguous signal to take a trade on, leaving no doubt in my mind that it is the right choice.

    Rules are required, which when implemented, leaves no room for uncertainty. The trade might not exercise, and that of course happens now and again, but so long as the principles of a proven technique have been in place and replied for every single trade obtained, then profit overall is ensured in my case.

    It isn't actually that important to anyone else how I egy trading, because everyone else will or should have their own set of rules to strictly follow. I will say though, that the easier the trade identifiion is, taking core advice just on board, then the more successful a trader is very likely to be. TAP appears to be my engine room. It is unambiguous, covers all the core principles of the market that I am considering, and it is simple to trade, and that's all about believing in something which works for me, because belief is a certain 100% must no matter what method is being used by anybody, and I see a number of threads where this appears to be absent!

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    Everyone who really trades with real money at stake, will naturally take their trading seriously and all the forum chit chat bs not badly. I conclude that all these serial posters aren't real traders and instead devote all their time talking crap on these types of sites.

    The bottom line is, that anyone trying to become a successful trader should knuckle down to their chosen method, iron out the wrinkles, and tune it satisfies themselves! Forget whatever anyone else says they are doing, they're anonymous, they don't know you and don't care whether you win or lose.... Most are full of bs, hope yourselves only, build your system to the point of overall trust in that system, and then go off and trade it. If you're making money out of it, then there is absolutely no need or reason to fully divulge it to anybody. As for me, I couldn't care less what anyone else can, my sole interest is what I do....full stop, and that eliminates all of the crap cluttering these threads using their weird and usually complex and ambiguous methods which they have dreamed up!

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    We continue to observe traders (probably demonion in many instances I think), that hop about all over the place getting nowhere quickly. I think they have no idea of what constitutes a proper entry setup.

    It shouldn't need the brains of a rocket scientist to just understand that if any market has been moving in a specific direction for a period of time, then there is obviously a greater likelihood that it will continue to move in that same direction. In other words, why attempt to be clever and have a reversal trade on, it makes no sense to do this until such time that the market sufficiently implies that the management has actually changed management.

    A inherent market direction must always be the first consideration when thinking about an entry. This means that small time frames, sub h4 by way of example, are constantly more likely to entering a trade in the wrong path, where traders think that they see entry signals, with no understanding or being aware that they're in reality trading contrary to the inherent market management!

    For practical purposes of course, the daily charts are about right to use for discovering the inherent market direction, and entrances can therefore be obtained from a satisfactory D1 or an H4 signal, and naturally, proper stops are clearly required so.

    The aforementioned, imo, are the premise for sensible trading generally, irrespective of preferred entry egy, which in my case happens to be TAP, which for me personally. Simplifies the entire process, because it naturally takes the factors I've mentioned into account, but in any event, the major stuff is as I've described above no matter what method is implemented as an entry.

    Trading does not need to be complied to make consistent profit!

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    Exactly what a trader must realise when investing from a technical pov from a chart is what we see (in it's many different forms), boils down purely to some visual representation of demand and supply.

    Just how we as traders use and translate what we see is highly variable for each one of us, based upon a range of variables, including of course the t/f being examined.

    Reduced t/fs are somewhat more difficult to assess imo, because of less reliability of this specialized information being fed to us and is the reason that I am not curious about anything I visit under H4.

    There are just two prime factors I constantly take into account when creating an entry decision. 1) Time...(but this alone is inadequate to make an edued decision)
    two )Price...(again. insufficient on it's own.

    Combine the two and a powerful formula for success could be very easily established. Add a conditional entry trigger mechanism and bingo, the road to successful trading will have been laid.

    That is tap trading in a nutshell, and needs nothing more than an open mind in order to take advantage of both prime factors mentioned.

    I have talked about many aspects that need to be bourne in mind when investing according to my own take. I intend to have a break from posting here for a while and may reunite once in a while.

    That's all for the time being.

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    UC Daily has my interest for quite a long. I'd like price to fall into the green circle type of place first. . .one to keep an eye for me.

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