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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I did not mean to offend you in any way! I apologize if I made you uncomfortable. It was simply an attempt to get to know a little more about who I am/will be interacting with. That's why it was a side question. Not significant.
    All that you or anybody else needs to know about me is contained within my posts.

    Yes, I have a zero b/s tolerance. I go over and only post any live commerce I take. Other transactions I may have obtained (if not posted using a chart etc) will not be discussed, because for all intents and purposes, to anybody viewing, they could only ever be deemed hindsight fantasy trades so far as my characteristics are concerned.

    I am obviously aware that there countless serial posters on the market, many of whom talk complete cobblers ie stating they did so and did that blah blah blah crap. Often without a substance or/and any which point I become instantly disinterested.

    If someone ches my attention, seeking a response either using a live commerce, followed closely with a chart, clearly showing entry stop and tp levels, or an interesting and authentic pov then I may well listen farther and duly respond....but both are very rare, which can be measured by seeing the minimal interest in this thread....most only want to waste time speaking crap.

    Now, you decide prior to posting, what camp you are in!

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    All platforms, by design, are populated with candles, mas oscillators etc as standard, which is not actually meant to help the trader, but to confuse them. The brokers clearly do not want regular winners, and they know that nobody is capable of computing all the data on most individuals chart to make any meaningful judgement frequently enough to make it pay.

    I purposely put as little as I can about the chart variations that I use, and concentrate solely on what's important to me personally, ie time and price, where I decide on directional bias and just wait a signal to enter.

    Super easy and easy, no pressure, no surplus silly candles to attempt and interpret (they are only time fractals after all) is timing and price that things just, they go together, and with this knowledge, I have a clear chart which allows clear decision making, such as clear goals.

    As I've said previously. Every system is much too complex generally, along with also the t/l thread still has not managed to overcome that issue either imo.

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    will probably want to buy somewhere in the rectangle, prob later on tomorrow, all in line with stuff I've discussed. This chart proves that no candles are really needed, only tap and my very own kind of t/l in this case that I use for stepping if required.

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    A fast song in here. . .but hardly worthwhile! The same crap , the same serial posters. . .all trying to promote themselves.... Especially some of those absurd ultra complex methods requiring absurd analyses or/and the ego maniacs who are obviously that insecure that they feel the need to continuously repeat whatever has already been stated a thousand times over. Clear indiors that they sadly lack any kind of social life, and mistakenly think that their electronic chums are in their partners. . .what a laugh haha.

    Actual friends and loved ones are all that matters, not one of this bs nonsense on here, I mean who cares less whether somebody has allegedly won or not. . .big deal, it is exactly what the individual really does that counts, rather than exactly what all of the idiots are claiming they do!

    I personally only share with family and friends the way to efficiently and easily trade and yes, that does occupy my time showing firsthand exactly what to search for, but in a realistic and meaningful manner that is far much more rewarding compared to all of the crap and b/s which goes round and round anonymously on FF.

    It is no surprise therefore, that I believeforexintuitiveas nothing more than entertainment and a place I can air my views/takes and remarks once I feel like it, and it doesn't bother me in the slightest who stinks. . .in fact, if I don't find anyone's post of value in any sense, they're discounted without further ado. . .it's as straightforward as that lol.

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    Plenty more articles this week from all and sundry. EG, we've got exactly the trendline thread, that is obviously faulty in many of ways, not that ambiguity angle that I've mentioned previously, and which has not been properly addressed, judging by others opinions concerning what t/l is really relevant.

    I see the guy is banging on about having a band etc.. Unless you're naïve, I would think everyone should understand where this is leading, and also the easy question should be asked by people involved in that why are you helping others to trade, cos it sure will not be because he just likes helping people regardless of what he says!

    We have the cubbybbad numpty, a born loser giving people his sad sob story. No brains. . .just your all garden loser. . .leave well alone!

    Then we have people who just like to inform anyone who participates in their own life, their trades, their motivation, their goddamn te.... bla bla bla bla bla. All total bs, like who cares what a few other muppet is doing then serially posting all that sort of crap....they clearly just like the sound of their voice and also smacks of enormous insecurity....and bullshit!

    For my part, I made 4 percent this week, fine ish considering my design is super easy, unambiguous and still generates the goods week in week out.

    No more to say on my take this week, it's all repetative rubbish in general on all the threads anyway, with really very little that interests me these days!

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    Pretty much everyone fails to realize that there is but one true continuous, rather than simply in trading, but in everything. Once that reality is recognized, then constant can be accustomed to a traders advantage, as it's actually the most important part once it is consciously factored in, not just for my egy, but indeed anyone else. Understanding how to incorporate a known constant with a factor or 2, should then places the likelihood massively in favour of any particular trader.

    Just how anyone goes about this is of course up to an individual, I have my own personality, but in any and every event the constant plays the largest role constantly, whether it be as a part of an entrance mechanism, the taking of profits, or exits and stops.

    When all those things are understood and adopted, then it is my view that a trader can truly start to consider these as moving in the ideal path to becoming a full time trader. Very very few understand what I'm talking about, and it's of course no surprise that very very few make it!

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    Further to my last article, I have discovered some intriguing discussions have been taking place this week and there. One such is the structure thread, where there is talk on the subject of time. Regrettably however, it seems the view there is that time is a variable, and I can guarantee anyone viewing it is not, time only goes forward at precisely the exact same pace always irrespective of what t/f is on the chart! This makes it the only real continuous, and it's actually all of the other stuff on peoples charts which are the variables.

    Like I have said several times, any smart trader needs to figure out how to use the continuous of time, and also for the huge majority that is the conundrum, in tandem with a varying reference level of people choosing using whatever way that anyone is comfortable with. Trade chances of h4 and above then sudden turn up regularly enough blending the power of time with a benchmark level throughout any given week which I've alluded to a number of times, and it's the greater t/fs which are obviously most dependable, with the extra bonus of significantly reduced monitoring period.

    Btw, someone some time back, almost stumbled on that combination in a convoluted style at least I think without realising it, however, they have apparently failed to develop it since no further articles have been coming which was unlucky for them.

    Anyhow, I will watch the structure ribbon from a space to see how the thinking that evolves.

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    Much like everyone, I've messed about with this that over the years to see if there are any shortcuts to loing purposeful entry and exit signs. Personally, I found no shortcuts other than my core principle use of tap, everything else for me personally is irrelevant noise.

    Frequently, the most important ingredient, time, means that patience should be exercised to allow a trade to perform. This aspect seems to be the most challenging for the majority to deal with, particularly since the longer t/fs, even more dependable, naturally require more time to mature into a profitable commerce more frequently than not.

    When circumstances for say half a dozen trades are satisfied and entries executed, which is very typical for me personally, then typically the waiting is not so much of an issue, since the likelihood is that at least among the trades will be moving into target. Bear in mind, traction relies on institutional orders to acquire price moving, which is a thing that the average trader can't have access to for example me, and that is where the patience and perception in a method is needed.

    Recognizing at least a few of the things that I've addressed (without giving it onto a plate lol) must go some way to helping those find the right approach.

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    The arrangement thread that started off in the ideal direction, appears to have taken a wrong turning imo, whereby time was being discussed in a sensible fashion, sadly though other elements, not least peoples egos, has seemingly destroyed their line of thinking, which happens all of the time of course. . .too bad, because that is the best way to go, and also the reason I was interested to see how it developed.

    The reality thread is more widespread in it's content so far and in a way asks the fundamental question after reality was what turned into a losing trader into a winning trader!

    Talking from experience, I will say that the simpler I developed my own egy, which captures only the very important information of faucet, the more success I've enjoyed, and also the obvious conclusion to anyone viewing should be therefore, that the more complied a system is, the more confusing it's going to be and the more could go wrong!

    Btw, should anybody be wondering why I don't directly comment on those other threads instead. The answer is simple enough, I am not interested in getting embroiled with other views, I've learnt to just trust my own full stop.

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    Most of everything I have to say doesn't matter to anybody else, so I will keep this article easy and to the stage.

    I'm looking to brief in the rectangle shortly, my conditions are set up. I can never understand (nor can anybody else btw) how well it may pan out or not, and I will be taking a fair chunk off the desk if it does happen to work out, and then leave the rest to run with a viable stop set up to ensure profit either way which will also provide an add on opportunity with any other suitable signal generated.

    In other words, committing to an entry is one thing, thereafter the realistic trade direction becomes the primary importance to any trade and by that I mean giving a trade some breathing space. So many appear to be satisfied with being stopped outside for either a tiny profit or loss, only to then see that the trade was actually poised to take off to some serous rewards. My transactions are always designed with these factors in mind, and does obviously need both patience and perception, of which I know most do not have and they will never make it as a trader regardless of whether their submission technique is good or not!

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