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Thread: Trading Journal (only my take)

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    I decided to start a diary of my own for a few factors. They might become apparent as I post more.

    The main reasons are though... a) I have sufficient time to between trading b) I've had enough of the b/s hindsight trading from other people, and who I refer to as FTs (Fantasy Traders). C ) Allows me to express my own views

    the majority of the threads and also the majority of traders are rife with crap hindsight, with just one or two exceptions. Whilst I might not agree with a traders trade, I will constantly respect a' transparency should they post their trade in real time, and someone like Steve Patt is among the few examples who always fulfils that criteria at least.

    So, as you can tell, my rule beef and purpose for starting this diary is due to dis-trusting anybody who posts trades after the event.

    To prevent that in this diary, anybody (no exceptions) that decides to post a trade needs to post a chart, and it must include details according to my example attached. Here is the number 1 rule. Failure to comply won't be tolerated, and will be placed immediately on discount it is as simple as that.

    In addition, I am not considering any chart comprising an oscillator as an indior, and I am not considering cluttered charts, and they also will be dismissed.

    I am not out to teach anybody how I trade btw so take note, that's not the main intent of a journal so far as I am concerned.

    As a result, in concept, just genuine traders fulfilling these initial main rules will post trades and I don't expect many (if any) will.

    Here's a Gold trade on Daily that I am involved right now.

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    As anybody seeing can probably see, I love to keep charts tidy, simple and comprising only the info that I'm interested in, anything else unnecessarily added will only become a distraction. I happen to use a couple of different approaches revolving around a central theme personally, determined by what the t/f is that I'm thinking of trading, and this also usually means that I'll post trades with different looking charts, but also the core principles that I use will nevertheless always be present, and no doubt most do exactly the same I would anticipate.

    The longer t/fs, H4 (to a level ) D1 and above remove any news problems, and allows chart reading exclusively to guide the decision making. The moment sub h4 charts are used, then it naturally becomes trickier to trade since any news related/affected tool has not only the technical aspects to think about, but equally if not more so that the fundamentals to also take into account.

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    Approximately 50% of my orders are PO's, some trigger, some do not, the ones that do usually offer decent rr. Regardless, the same rules of engagement apply, and I use these when I don't have the time or patience to stare at the screen all day.

    AN connected is such a case on the daily, also note, I keep my tags on these charts additionally, to enable easy visual re Entry, Stop and TP levels.

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    Considering DAX, the underlying long-term direction is up, daily is up, momentum is up and that I therefore have a very clear bias to extended....and seems to me like any current short-term retrace is an opportunity to buy.

    On that foundation I finally have a very long PO in place that is suitable for my egy. It may/may not require a few bites to get the ideal entry, don't let anybody kid you differently, especially the FTs haha. Either way, by a logical pov, my target (if attained ) will cancel several unsuccessful efforts. H1 chart attached.

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    great luck with your journal!
    A little request: minding a TE would greatly improve the transparency, for you, and a few of those other non FTs you refer also.
    Would likewise be a wonderful aid tool to inspect the afterlife of the posted trades; simple, neat, and objectable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    damn good luck with your journal! A small request: minding a TE would substantially enhance the transparency, for youpersonally, and few of these other non FTs you consult also. Would likewise be a nice help tool to check the afterlife of the posted trades; simple, neat, and objectable.
    Hi... thanks for your suggestion and yes, I am aware of TEs, but the only sure way to sift out the FTs is by simply applying the rules that I've laid out. A TE may well be an additional requirement in time, but for now the rules that I've mentioned are sufficient for the purpose intended.

    It won't have gone un-noticed that whenever I wonder anyone regarding their so-called transactions, that I am repeatedly dismissed. This tells it's own story! Now, on here, I've got the controls to choose who's filled with it and who's genuine. As I've mentioned, very few if any will dare article because they won't be able to bs me with FTs, and that suits me just fine, and should in theory only leave the lotion.

    It is not about the amount of posted trades. . .it's about the quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hello... thanks for your suggestion and yes, I'm aware of TEs, but the only sure method to sift from the FTs is by employing the rules that I've laid out. A TE may well be an additional need in time, but for now the principles that I've mentioned are adequate for the purpose intended. It will not have gone un-noticed that if I question anyone seeing their so-called transactions, that I'm repeatedly ignored. This tells it's own story! On here, I've got the controls to choose who is filled with it and who is genuine. As I've stated, very few if any will...
    thanks, I see.
    If ever passing at my journal, feel free to ask about a trade, any trade.

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    The Gold and DAX trades (that one triggered flawlessly for me personally ) posted are both doing fine. We are nearly at crunch time I believe, and I'm anticipating some good price motions, or even a few indecent ones in case it goes unfavourably for me lol. Should be an interesting afternoon I presume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The Gold and DAX transactions (that one triggered perfectly for me) posted are both doing fine. We are nearly at crunch time I think, and I am anticipating some decent price moves, or even a few indecent ones in case it goes unfavourably for me lol. Should be a fascinating afternoon I presume.
    In these types of phases, transactions are still highly vulnerable. The stops are intended to perform their job and there is nothing required to be done for now until the transactions have been in a profitable enough condition, at which stage of course a few mm may then kick . Neither of the above are at the point

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    It's been a surprisingly quiet days trading contemplating the amount of reddish news events, and Thursdays are usually the moving day. A funky Friday could be in store. . .maybe there's some hot gossip in the pipeline that joe public hasn't been allowed access to yet. . .NK springs into retailers are always last in the food chain.

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