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    Here is a classic talk show I produced

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    And BTW, using that sketch you seemed like Michael Jackson.... Am I right[/b]?
    Hello pal.

    No, I was doing it in election time, and as you know... that a!!!

    But I didn't write it down The redneck speech of Trump lovers!!! Lost indefinitely NOT!!!!!

    I started to utilize bubba since then

    Hoping to remember....
    Damn was ages ago...
    .... copyright © NO OFFENCE !!!

    -Bubba, did you watch Foxa?
    -Yes bubba. Trumpa is gooda, I discovered it.
    - Yeah bubba. Trumpa create America greata. Big buisneza coma here.
    - that I hearda Japanese firm Sony coma here, create telefonsa in Mississippia. Call them Missisony.
    - Yes bubba. Swiss watcha makes not businessa that is better than we Americans.
    -Yeah bubba. And Trumpa will de-regulate them banks using cheap loans, may buya nice car, such as a Ferrari Enzoa to transfer potato producta into marketa in Missura.
    -Yes bubba. And much more cash makes Stock bubbla biggera.
    -Mexican walla will probably be 50 metres high, made from solar panels and have 6000 Watts speakers that play Led Zeppelin daily and Shanaya Twain at night....
    - He guaranteed not Deep Purplea??? Love me Purple.
    -That is right bubba. And they will do fracking everywhere, cheap gas bubba, and mildly poisoned water also.
    - Yep. And cut taxes he promised. More shield spendinga, to guard the turnip patch bubba.
    -Yeah bubba, Trumpa is gooda, I watched him on Foxa.

    copyright ©

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    That chart above did Not work

    Here Is next Few...

    Few months...

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    My charts are in the office so can't post much....
    April triangle...

    Then breakout 1st May...

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    EU clear down...

    Yet as I see 1.15 in few weeks.... Can't overlook Trumpy the blabber that pulls from iranian deal.
    Bad market. Chaos....
    Sell $...
    Trumpy deranged...
    All speaks for long EU. 1.1940 1.20 minimal.

    But breakout, FED George get on liars team. EU dip??

    Damn hate politics . . .and ...

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    I'll not assist people or spend any time pound, or aussie or yen or some other fake currency.
    I'm leaving a good, I believe, legacy in respective threads.
    Scalping yes I'll do this. Every night!!!!!! close
    My articles, few aside, will probably be only in the euro, E/A threads. Nothing more. Two threads. And some news.
    This diary is for me mostly. POSITIVE and CREATIVE remarks only. Not needed actually. Euro thread.
    More family time Less work, more pleasure, less transaction, fewer articles. That I promise.
    Just watched Harry Potter2. #9786; Superman next. Cinema....
    Next plans.
    #8709;Teach my child or kids (when hit 10 y.o.) the complexity of forex. Or SIMPLICITY!!!
    #8709;Remind myself of those - patience, logic, read news, consider 30 percent of news, write in daily log, patience, use Fibo, trade according to my 2 systems, assess other stuff.
    #8709;Sleep more.

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    Eur 57% long.
    UJ 57% brief.
    Enough said. Buy $.
    EU goal 1.15.

    Additionally sell EA now, 1.5850ish.
    TP 1.30

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