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    I'm fairly dismayed.... By my

    I always suspected being idle, overthinking, complacent.... But I'm so stupid too.

    Initial - my marriage. Am I still in such chains???
    Second - want few things - pleasant car/job /girl. The final 2 are tough
    3. Need to go see....soon.

    4. Trading - although I have several egies, I want discipline to follow. I grab myself holding positions waaay too long. Or missing entries. Or SIMPLY BEING BLIND. !!!!
    Let us elaborate (to remind myself etc how dumb I had been ).
    I got few indiors (now I exchange 4H and hourly; in future 5 min) only and I need/use only:
    _ MA55 150
    _ Fibo (desire more frequently )!!!
    _ trendlines (breakout, retest)
    _ MACD - amazing for divergence.
    These appear enough!!! But why didn't I use final 3 to entrances???!?!? WHYYYY? An awesome filter for my other two egies!!
    Could have made luck last 4 decades

    So next plans - ahead testing with 1 lot.
    I've a signal about every two days.
    I received my intraday stuff.

    News - watch out.
    Damn Americans summer time, actually fuked my trades!!
    For folks reading this - Thank you. Here's a gold nugget - follow the gold price. Euro moves 4 pips for each 1dollar. Click like.

    Trade May increase with Fibo.
    Interviews next month?

    Stay away from aussie , loonie .... Sell only when manipulation.
    Sell G/J E/J.


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    My friend Tudor was here

    Trading - EJ and GJ falling as expected.
    A bit brexit push - see 110 at

    Euro - large jumpy creature, driven by mad French, Trump, next political creature....
    That is the fundamental.
    Yellen speak tomorrow - knowing her she'll s.... around and lift the dollar.

    1.0775 is bottom trendline. 0850 upper. . 0875 Fibo expansion I guess and a few top. Sell there.

    So....where to?? It may only drop deep, bounce off 0700 or keep creeping up. 0795 now.

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    Took a while off.
    Took profit. . .and reduction. And some nice moves.
    Booked some holiday

    Stopped worrying about work.

    Got a big argument with the deranged wife.
    She is madder than Trump!!' ?!

    Here's a little chart. Of course few affirms broken...
    However should anybody buy $$$??
    There's big channel just now (or when charting has been. .) .

    So possible jump. if so buy and TP 1930.
    Economy then?? For 1730.... Or go up in red wedge.

    Better be patient. My charts take like a day to happen. Damn this Friday - beautiful chart but didn't trade most.

    Will buy again... someday.

    Oh buy E/A. Economy GU as time is ripe

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    Pound idea. Selllll.

    But recall - damn thieves RB.

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    Sell EA for 1.4450 I think.
    Risky!!! Ending diagonal.

    I want I exchanged Euro this week - same but up.

    View 1.50.

    Aussie is sh!t to exchange but with Euro drop


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    Aussie drop. . .EA jump....crazy....drop....

    Next weeks Euro.
    Head the FED.
    1.1350-14 target?

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    1.1681 struck
    But faked shorts.

    Powell selected FED chair.
    Forget next hikes
    Euro long to 1.1770. Then will see but 1.20 maybe.

    Pound - pitiful hike. LOL.
    Now testing trendline 1.3064....
    1.2660-70 next target.

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    Pound up - defying trendline and amassing stops. Logical.
    Euro - pathetic news, short sentiment.... Logical leap to 1940.

    Wish I had more time to trade.
    Now wait for 1.20 or double shirt to sell.
    Or 1.18 station bottom to buy.

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    Chart above was good for 1 day!!!!
    Subsequently reversal...
    Minor news... Spain bad...
    .but largely that... K.
    Anyway it is up again.
    I overlooked a lot.

    New chart, patience recommended.
    I did not trade the end if year as bullish as I wished
    However more bull to come (China, ECB, Germany -the three large green.... Expect additional $$, Trump...)


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    Censored and having my post concealed AGAIN. ?????


    Seeingforexintuitivebecome a biased, covering up, social media - I can't contribute to this setting any more.

    Not sure what I will do, but definitely not enjoying it here...

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