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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    What type of trader are you guys?! The 15 kinds of Forex Traders [Infographic].png;2148196 image
    Great poster Dale.
    I self-evident.... Quite painful process
    So I am mixed animal:
    Innovative, independent, Value driven.
    I notice these three are middle/bottom range
    Need discipline to become the best left guy!!!
    Avoid risky muddled trades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote RBs doesn't exist, a myth, it's merely our fruion and paranoiaÂ....why would RB want our small money? Âthey ought to really go for each others cash, there's more thereÂlol
    Good fun guys
    If RB go after a second bank....they can anticipate revenge. Fish - we- . Watch the pound activity??
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi allÂ
    Hmmmm. Spikes began at 10 and 8, 9. Â
    Pound shockingly high...ÂThus RB are here. Prepare for fall ÂÂ....
    . . .and my last remarks on pound.
    So how do ÂANYONEÂplace these thieves?? ÂEasy. Think as one.
    Check this great article. Â
    Trade secure myselfÂ

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    Members of the Year of NOT-KPMG.
    Other individuals. Â
    We have a gospel, as suggested by a friend.
    Today, before Yellen etc.. .is time to sing itÂ
    Let's have fun!!!
    Recall Âexactly what unites us is stronger that what divides us.
    And 532% on demo!!!
    Day trading, news, Fibos, other news, volumes (thanks Dale)....

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    Trading my real accounts so demonion resumes
    Here is my weekly or monthly prognosis:
    Want patience. Â
    I exchange only E/U s Â:
    Stock upward, ÂYellen lies, momentum, Eurozone problems, Trump tax stuff - ÂE/U down.
    Noise and profits - EU up.
    Sell. Target 0450 or less.

    After a week or at March - buy. No hike - buy. Â

    GL all.

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    648% presentation.
    Damn why I exchanged the loonie craziness??? All cheats and flippards. Oil has been weak too...Â
    Never trade fake currencies on actual!!! Â
    U/J E/A maybeÂ
    I will not state the percentage of real However nice.
    Waiting for Trump spike tonight. Few longs. Handful shorts.
    March will be fun.
    Waiting for 1.0450. Currently E 0602
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    .... Now I just observed a spike. Quite fake down spike.... Open some longs 0582GL.
    Only saw aussie spike up....
    So can add long E/A.
    Risky.... But simple.
    Guys, anyone interested in Spike trading?
    Free lessons
    Midnight spike, check tonight 1a. M. - fake move. Play opposite.
    Now buy me a beer .
    Day spike - watch today at 3:40 pm - Trend Setting.
    That is it.
    Writer here

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    Ever since I am pissed with myself (why did I trade Friday????) And the EU gang, and the RB, and also the workplace....and my wife....etc. . And my broker....

    I can not post until price goes 0510

    Well a good start here. Repeat is dumped by pump.

    Sick Frenchies push down it. Damn RB pushed up....Yellen also cluttered...

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    Pretty nice grab as drawn over
    Good pips.

    Demo suffered greatly because I got brief on a few U/Cad fake crappy currency.
    It works just like the wind.
    Oil behaves like a dead weight.... Cad phonies being marketed....
    The sad part is months ago I said oil will tank....
    FOCUS!!!! Do not exchange this cr.p.

    Additionally in certain Brief E/A. whyyyy?
    I did state 2 weeks past Aussie will crash, E/A up to 1.40....
    WHY DON'T I FOLLOW MYSELF?? In reality I closed longs too premature
    Wisdom- patience.
    Wisdom two - keep an eye...
    Trade swift and operate off!!

    waiting for Draghi to kick euro down.
    1.0563 now.
    0400 neat target.

    Problem is FED next week. Consolidation.... Then???

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    I quit writing in the EU thread. Yeeyyy!!
    No point. Extra Free time now
    No charts, no pictures.... That have been fun to do

    I found this post from 23/1/2016. yes 2016 !!

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I detect with consternation that the subject of E/U trading is degenerating into something significantly less than dumb. Smart remarks are barely visible, and barely ever commented on.... So I will stop writing here, and see how things go. Additionally spammers on each page...!
    The problem now is not as intense, more of a ranging market perplexing everything.... But I find it useless to write there and exhausting.

    I will post about two a week .
    I am trading some 4H mess... NEED FOCUS!!!

    Next plans - loe new job (hard in my degree ), get a lawyer, prepare divorce documents, begin trading more attentively, cease work, move about, trade in midday (5min) and have more fun.

    Advice to myself no need to trade every day.
    And NOT Fridays/news.

    Ohhh HAPPY DAY....
    I feel free !

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    Sizeable drop in stocks??
    So what now. . .minor push up?

    I'm plotting 5 waves . Clearly FED could take it up...
    1.0630 just now.

    Keeping euro short.
    Damn loonie and yen zigzag. Intend to discard loonie.

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    The push upward, as mentioned above happened much quicker than anticipated.
    Damn Draghi, Yellen, whoever hike-dissenter... puppy there....
    So 0740 was fine Fibo driven target. Got few tiny pips.

    I should have exchanged AS PER MY STRATEGY.

    Chart with following plans... Just awaiting this assenine remarks (ECB hike hahaha) to die out and maybe return....

    But Friday tomorrow - spikes to get all!!!!
    1.0790 sell. 0850 potential...

    Sell EJ too. There is triangle forming that will go down at 123 maybe...

    Buy few U/cad. oil is going down...
    Drop Aussie. It is bit of sh.t

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