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    This thread is my egy really to post LESS and dismiss MORE.
    I had been writing in another... some jobless simpleton came by....
    Old diary here
    From post 5. The 4 previously were really great...

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    Still another drive down.

    Euro chart. 1.1715 then 1.15 targets.

    Next year stock drop, EU up.
    Trumpy in jail, Euro up too because FED finished the mad hikes.

    Pound promote on horrible news and RB consolidation actions.
    1.25 soon.

    Aussie frauds touched 0.77 and promoting off big time. 0.74 target.

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    Got me thinking....
    My two egies operate.
    Got me more in my list of things. One I knew to get the job done. Now I quantified it 13 peeps average week!!!! Yeyy.
    Want extra broker. Either the Demo one or that D.
    Need to act more concentrated.
    New work job starts Monday. Hopefully last.
    Demo 450%.
    My comnents on Aussie along with other phoneys below:
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello that occasion once per year? May I know in advance?
    I was referring to a monumental moment... Like when Glenn Stevens stated 0.74 is a lot, I need 0.65.
    Here is fine goal.
    Otherwise, practically, only a big CPI or jobs report that is WAY OFF FORECAST.
    Everything is unhappy little manipulation. #8364;#8249;
    I believe this week is full of occasions - Canada,aussie, pound.... Will practice my counter-manipulation skills.
    Me - Trade secure!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ....Aussie - the thieves did 2 stop searches tonight. Respect!!!
    Chart done. private Following is a last search to 0.8005 -10 subsequently drop 0.78??

    Pound - leaked news 7:45. Did I overlook?? Sleeping but nevertheless. Need more attention. Need holiday? Trade only E.
    Need attention. !!!
    Aussie dropped approaching MA200 afterward playing thieves, then strong break down.
    0.70 sure thing.

    Pound exact pattern. Fake ups done (two ) now sell.

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    Pound dropped like a stone. . .then dropped. . then spiked

    Not trading rather than buying!!!!

    Next chart is EU.
    Maybe drop to 1.1670.
    Subsequently up.... or down 1.1315 exactly.
    So sell in couple of days.
    Friday news.
    Monday Spain???

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    Happy New Year
    Let's plan for health, fun, prosperity. New job. Green pips. Â
    And fix smaller issues. Wonderful car. Move house to a place that is quiet. Divorce. All things I postponed
    Small steps. Holiday at April. Establish firm. Â
    Subsequently becoming full time trader. (May work justÂon fascinating projects (my compensated and dull job).)
    Aim is 5 percent profit monthly on actual.
    I wish myself more rest and All the best.

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    A summary of current events.
    Obtained my real accounts to just under 27000. That's following a withdrawal in second.
    Demo 255% now.
    I intend to not trade 2 days. Going to the gym along with a movie.
    Talking of which I am viewing Harry Potters. Not English clumsiness.
    In 2016 I dumped a bad habit - playing stupid games that were unworthy. One MMOG and one conflict. What a time loss!!!!! And money!!! Am I idiot??!? ÂWhat lot of idiots, infantiles and PMSing girls!!!!! Publish, uninstall, laugh

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    New week!!! Â
    New chances. Â
    Same stupid job. Can't complete old projects and new kinds budding around
    Demo account 389%. Seems I am both more patient, and getting into Elliott humorous waves.
    Sentiment grows more euro bull.
    Dollar sinks - and also the same day when Trumpisms are trumping every joke.
    Oh Brexit, the next mess is forthcoming. Euro strong. So it could only increase...
    Time for a film. And to call my doctor about feeling chest. Â

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    Sounds I need to sleep more....
    And not open silly midnight transactions.
    And shut them when/before news.
    Nowadays lost about 400 from poor timing. Âcould have made 300.
    Want new clothes, shoes, haircut. Â

    Also project interview shortly. Â
    I shouldn't care much. This summer will quit all of it.
    Demo 466%.
    Let's see if euro can sink to 0600 or even 0550....
    Trumpyday is today. Next 4 decades - fun....
    May push E up...Â
    Sell U/J. Â115 now.

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    Post 8. Yeyyy.
    Thus, Trump ensured in....
    That is bad for dollar.But good for market - may stabilize $$.
    I Don't care!!!! I have to trade smaller frames. 4H now. While I stop - scalping at news and trending at lunch time.
    I've got these two systems, since years back. Still angry I did not pursue harder. idiot.
    The following two systems I designed. One w..... That's 13 pips each week!! Prevent if news!!!
    One o..... Seems to mork half time... Check.
    The last five that I will use at chance - one is following Gold and stock. Gold is nice indior.
    The other looks at GU and U/C fakes.Enter only after news!!!!!! AFTER.... NEWS got it? hahaha. 20 pips each. But only in the direction defined by system 1/2/4.
    3rd. Trader Dale etc. has nice program based on volumes at amounts. Can use his or develop mine. 10 pips.
    4th. Exactly what Connors said about London close. The following day price will revisit it?? So corrective movement. Sounds accurate about 4 days a week. Ranging market obviously. Use if direction agree 1/2.
    5th. London FIX. 10 pips. Not daily. However checking.
    Can coordinate these and enter if couple are together.
    Desire better tracker of these.
    Need to get up earlier....and sort them all.
    Fitness tomorrow. Need to meet women more. Try out the.... Club by my workplace?

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