Can someone make a divergence candle indior
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Thread: Can someone make a divergence candle indior

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    Can someone create a divergent candle indior?

    I want:

    Blue Arrow- Bullish Divergent Candle: Creating a lower low than the preceding Five candles but finishes from the blue.
    Red Arrow- Bearish Divergent Candle: Makes a greater high than the preceding Five candles but finishes in the red.

    It ought to work on any time and I would like to have a e-mail alert and audible alert choices after the candle changes color and. I have attached a pic for a clearer view of what I'm looking for.

    Thank you for any help.

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    I found this old thread accident and awaiting the FOMC minutes today I had a opportunity to develop this small indior.
    I never heard of divergence only by candle pattern, but I believe it worth attempts to check the options.

    Parameters:How_many_bars_to_check = 5;
    - if past CLOSED bar is (lets say) BEAR, this bar should have Higher High compared to preceding five pubs search_correct_trend_bars = true;
    - if past CLOSED bar is (lets say) BEAR, the pubs before it ought to be BULL how_many_correct_trend_bars = 3;
    - should search_correct_trend_bars is accurate - how many pubs ought to be (in the above premise ) BULL search_consecutive_bars = true;
    - should last CLOSED bar is (lets say) BEAR, the pubs before it ought to be with Greater Open and Greater Close from every other (not necessary all bars ought to be BULL); how_many_consecutive_bars = 3;
    - should search_consecutive_bars is true - how many consecutive bars ought to be there. Extern bool showAlert = true; - reveals alert extern bool sendMail = false; - sends email extern color arrow_color = Blue; - color of the arrow What I call trend bar:
    When we have a BEAR bar that has Greater High compared to preceding five pubs - these 5 pubs ought to be BULL
    (and vice versa)

    What I call consecutive bars:
    When we have a BEAR bar that's Higher High compared to preceding five pubs - all these 5 pubs ought to have higher open and higher near prices from each other. It's not necessary to be BULL because some exception happens if a bar is very small.
    (and vice versa)

    Please test the attached screenshots that which I call trend bar and what I call sequential pub.

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    I have to be slow:--LRB-
    Seems like you have more than sufficient to play .

    Anyway another for one to try.


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    Hey Futurespec

    How re you? Hope u re doing good
    I really apperie for ur work about divergent candle. . .it works like a charm thank you..Unfortunately I know nothing about coding and I need a small modifiion if it's possible..You understand in regards to trading sometimes moments are super important(like an hour ago about gold). .Can we recieve alert before candle close?i understand when it has to do with logic we cannot be sure till it close but last devoloping stages of a candle state 10 minutes left to close for a 5 min candle we could guess it using big possibility if it's divergent or not. . .All I try to say can we recieve potential divergent candle alert with this cool indior without cancel the current alert style?The first one Will be a potential and the last one is a Normal one..If yes it would help me a lot...

    Thank you Beforehand

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